How to Add H1 Heading Tag in Blogger Blog Post

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Confused about Blogger H1?


Don’t worry! I am here to explain to you step by step to add an H1 tag in a blogger blog post.

okay, but first of all, you need to understand exactly what is H1 Tag?

So, let’s try to understand about H1 tag.

What is H1 Tag

H1 tag is an HTML tag that used as the biggest heading.

H1 tag is heading of your content or paragraph.

This tag also useful for SEO because to easily pick up your post topic by google search engine.

So, now might be you got it about H1.✔

Then let’s look at the Blogger H1 Heading.

Blogger H1 Heading

This is a fact that the blogger does not provide an option for the H1 heading tag.?

In blogger heading starts from h2 which is named as a heading in blogger.

Now you think that it is necessary for SEO??

Yes, because in every post h1 tag consists of heading so when google search engine crawler crawls you post or page at that time you post topic easily understand by a keyword that you include in your H1 heading.

Also, I have analyzed that when we write a blog post in a blogger then our blog post title is also not written in H1 Tag.

So, as per my research, this thing is not good for bloggers.

Because in every post we need one main h1 heading which contains our main target keyword.

this will definitely lose our ranking at some point.

Instead of this, if you start your blog with WordPress then post title automatically written in the H1 heading tag.

also, we have the option to set an H1 tag to any heading in WordPress.

So, now you might think like what to do??

Don’t worry! you can manually add.

But you need to follow the below-given step carefully to implement h1 tag in blogger?

So, shall we start?☺

How to Add H1 Tag in Blogger Post

To Add H1 heading in blogger please follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Open any blog post or article in a blogger.

How to Add H1 Tag in Blogger Post

2. Go to >> HTML option.

How to Add H1 Tag in Blogger Post

3. Find the main heading of your blog post from HTML. (use CTRL + F & search for main heading)

4. Replace <h2> tag to <h1> tag also replace </h2> with </h1>.

5. Update post that’s it.?

That’s it Your h1 tag is successfully added in blogger post.

So, finally, here you understand now how to add an h1 tag.


I hope this informative stuff might be helpful for you if you are confused about the Blogspot H1 tag.

Found really helpful?

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