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Okay, want to contribute some knowledge here?

Great! I always support all bloggers to make a good relationship internally.

I really appreciate your decisions about guest posting here.

but, to prevent some spammy bloggers to do some spam on the blog, I have made some rules for guest posting.

let’s look at these rules

but, don’t forget you need to follow all the rules to publish your post on my blog.

Rules To Submit Guest Post

1. Content must have a minimum of 1600 words, maximum no limit.

2. Guest Post Must includes 1 non-copyright image. (Featured Image) .

3. Guest Post Topic Is Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing…

4. The post should be 100% Plagiarism free.

5. External Link(Backlink) of your site allowed 1 in a post.

7. Post must contain a proper heading, subheading well formatted.

8. Only Word files accepted.

if I found any spam, copyright, plagiarism in future I will remove the post. 

This guest post is totally free if you follow above all rules so happy ?.

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