HostArmada Review 2022: Is This Hosting Worth It?

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This is my in-depth review of HostArmada hosting after using it for few months.

In this review I’ll be touch everything about what HostArmada has to offer.

This includes:

  • Best and worst features
  • Speed and performance result
  • Customer support review
  • Pro and Cons of their hosting
  • Things I liked and not
  • Hosting plans and price
  • Whether or not I recommend it?

So if you’re looking to go with this web host this HostArmada review should help you to decide.

Let’s get started.

I’m Using HostArmada Speed Reaper Plan for this Review

Before we get into the review first i would like to be a very transparent with you.

I’m using their shared hosting Speed Reaper plan:

HostArmada Speed Reaper Plan Billing

However, shared and wordpress hosting options are similar just they’ve segregate it for different users.

Even, if you see the plans, price, and features in both hosting, it’s similar. And in this HostArmada review, I’m using their hosting to host my WordPress website.

So now it’s time to explore more about HostArmada hosting services.

About HostArmada

HostArmada is a web hosting service provider started serving from 2019.

They’re bit new to the industry but growing well to make their brand more reputed.


Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5
HostArmada - Homepage

Like other web hosting provider HostArmada has mainly 6 hosting plans:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • SSD Shared Hosting
  • SSD VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated CPU Server Hosting
  • Open Source Hosting
  • Development Hosting

There are many other plans are there that they’ve mentioned in the footer area that are: WooCommerce hosting and Magento hosting.

In the about page of HostArmada they mentioned that they’re on the mission to provide fast, secure, and reliable web hosting service.

HostArmada Mission

With that, let’s see how much their mission statement is true?

It’s time for me to review each key features of HostArmada.

HostArmada Client Dashboard & Cpanel

Once you login to your hosting account you will see this type of easy to use dashboard.

HostArmada Client Dashboard

You’ll get all your account, service and billing information here.

You can navigate to any specific page by sidebar navigation.

HostArmada Dashboard Nevigation

And you can also navigate to cPanel (control panel) from here directly.

HostArmada Cpanel Navigation

Like other hosting provider HostArmada provide traditional cPanel.

HostArmada cPanel

This area contains everything that you need to create, modify and manage your websites.

Some key menu features here:

  • File manager
  • Backup
  • Database management
  • Domain management
  • Email services
  • Usage reports
  • Security features (SSL, IP blocker, Hotlinking protection)
  • Software Management (Set up your site on specific programming langauge)
  • Advanced (LiteSpeed caching and more)
  • Softaculous APP installer (WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla and more)

If you’ve previously used cPanel then probably you know about all these features.

Everything you can manage from just one dashboard.

So yes, HostArmada client dashboard UI-UX is quite good and easy to understand. And cPanel is very common almost in all hosting providers so it’s not a big deal.

Overall, I felt HostArmada hosting account is SUPER easy to use.

HostArmada Hosting Performance And Speed

Hosting performance is very important factors before choosing web hosting.

That’s why in this section we will see how’s the HostArmada server perform in my test.

I’ve setup WordPress website on their plan and checked their hosting server response rate and overall speed of website.

First, let’s see what’s result i got for server response time.

HostArmada - Server Response Time Report

The overall performance of hosting response time is “A+”. Which is good grade.

Here I want to point out one thing that is I’m using their US Central Dallas hosting server.

So in your case you can select any other nearest data server from your visitors country.

In my opinion, Server response rate is pretty good in HostArmada service.

Now for speed test i’m gonna try 3 most popular and accurate website speed checker.

First i tried Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

Here’s the Mobile speed score:

HostArmada - PageSpeed Insights Mobile Speed Score

And Desktop speed score:

HostArmada - PageSpeed Insights Desktop Speed Score

The report of site speed is SUPER fast. Because 97 score is above the expectation.

However, i want to mention one thing here i had not used any optimization plugin on site.

Now let’s test speed with GTmetrix.

HostArmada - GTmatrix speed report

And the last test on Pingdom:

HostArmada - Pingdom Speed Report

So i’ve tested all these 3 popular tools and i got good result from all of these test.

So yeah, Overall HostArmada hosting speed is super FAST.

HostArmada Data Center: 9 Server Location Option

HostArmada has 9 data server option for their customers.

  • USA West Fremont, CA
  • USA Central Dallas, TX
  • USA East Newark, NJ
  • South Canada Toronto, ON
  • Europe London, UK
  • Europe Frankfurt,
  • Asia Singapore, SG
  • Mumbai India, IN
  • Sydney Australia, AU
HostArmada - Data Server Location

Data center location is very important to provide fast connectivity to your website users.

Nearest server location increase speed up your site speed in visitors device. Which is very POSITIVE signal to your site.

Unlike other web hosting provider who just offers 3-4 data center HostArmada has 9 data center around the world.

In my opinion, this is BIG PLUS point of HostArmada hosting.

HostArmada Hosting Features

HostArmada has some advanced features and utilities than other web hosting provider.

However, i saw that most of the features which other web host provides are included in HostArmada, Plus it also has additional benefits that we will discuss in this section.

These are the STAND OUT features of HostArmada:

Cloud SSD Technology

HostArmada provides cloud SSD hosting servers for optimal uptime and no hardware failure issues.

SSD storage increases the operations speed of reading/writing from your server. That’s why you get the optimized lightning speed of your website.

HostArmada - Benefits of Fast Loading Website

Web Server Cache

Web server cache plays vital role to speed up website speed.

HostArmada has great solution for server level caching which is: LiteSpeed Cache

This option is available in Cpanel-> advanced -> LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager.

HostArmada - LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager

In this there is option to enable LiteSpeed caching on your website.

So yeah, this will drastically improve your site performance to serve your content even more better.

FREE Website Transfer

If you’ve already established website then on 1 request HostArmada team will transfer your website data to their server for FREE.

If you had ever realized the real pain of website transfer then you love will this service for sure. This worth more for non-techies users.

They’ve dedicated experts who has experience in doing this so your website transfer with minimal downtime.

FREE Domain Name

HostArmada provides FREE domain name along with all hosting plans.

Even you can transfer your existing domain name to HostArmada for absolutely free.

And the most important, They’ll renew your domain name for FREE as long as you pay for hosting.

That means it will save money from renewing domain.

 Free SSL for all sites

In HostAramda with any hosting plans you’ll get SSL certificate for free for unlimited sites.

Basically, SSL help you to secure your website and add “HTTPS” before your domain name.

SSL is necessary for all sites, which helps to show your site secure in eye of google and your visitors, so it looks legitimate source.

 Daily Backups

HostArmada offers FREE daily backup service in each hosting plans. So you will never ran into trouble of losing data.

To get site backup is very easy, just one click backup feature.

This backup feature is located in cPanel.

Website Security

Security is a very important aspect before getting any web hosting.

Fortunately, in HostAramad you’ll get many levels of data security to run your site smoothly.

HostArmada - Website Security Benefits

HostArmada hosting security Includes:

  • Network Firewall
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Advanced Firewall with herd immunity
  • Proactive Defense
  • Next-gen IDS / IPS
  • Hardened PHP
  • Brute-Force Protection
  • Malware Protection
  • Virus/Malware Scanning
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Directory Password Protection
  • Client Area TFA
  • CageFS
  • Web Hosting Account Isolation
  • Cloud Linux
  • Daily Backups
  • Live Server Monitoring

Honestly, I see that HostArmada put more emphasis on security than other web hosting provider in the market. And that’s what every customer need.

1-click Application Installer

Like other web hosting provider Host Armada also includes 1-click installation of popular application.

Again, this is a very common feature, but it’s very IMPORTANT too.

HostArmada - 1 Click Application Installation

You can install almost all POPULAR CMS at just 1 click.

It includes:

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • OpenCart
  • Prestashop
  • Drupal

You can easily install it from cPanel “SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER”.

HostArmada Support review

Customer support is very important part that every customer should look for before signing up for any services.

That’s why I wanted to see how HostArmada support to their customers.

For this, I decided to test out HostArmada’s customer support.

They’ve mentioned that they offer 24/7/365 support. So let’s see what’s the truth is!

They’ve LIVE Chat option so asked them one question: Hello, Is “Brotli Compression” really work?

HostArmada - Live Chat Support

After one minute I got a reply.

HostArmada - Live Chat Support Answer

Then I asked them a followup question: How can I enable it?

And just in a few seconds, Simeon replied to me.

HostArmada - Followup Question

So as per my test, their Live chat option is really helpful. They replied quickly.

Additionally, you can also get support through support tickets, phone calls, and emails.

HostArmada Pros

Here are the overall benefits of HostArmada:

  • Managed cloud SSD storage
  • Easy to use cPanel
  • Free SSL for all sites
  • Web server cache
  • Daily backups
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Lighting speed
  • Reliable security
  • More Data server Option
  • 1-Click Application Installer (WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla & more)
  • More programming application support (Perl, Python, Node.js, PHP)
  • 45 Days Money-back Guarantee
  • Support 24/7/365

HostArmada Cons

Here’s one HostArmada Cons which is almost common in all web hosting providers:

  • Higher Renewal Price


What is HostArmada?

HostArmada is web hosting provider. It offers various hosting solutions like shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting. It’s one of the most affordable and quality web hosting providers out there.

Does HostArmada is good for WordPress?

Yes, HostArmada provides managed cloud hosting for WordPress. It has one-click WordPress installation feature. It also has LiteSpeed plugin for WordPress blog/website.

How to install WordPress on HostArmada?

HotArmada offers easy to use cPanel to install WordPress in just one-click. You can find WordPress installer in cPanel-> Softaculous Apps Installer

Does HostArmada offer a free domain?

Yes, HostArmada offers one free domain on its hosting purchase. You can also transfer your existing domain to it for free.

Does HostArmada offer free SSL?

Yes, HostArmada offers you free SSL for unlimited sites that you host on their hosting.

Does HostArmada offer coupon code?

Yes, HostAramada offers coupon code to give an instant discount on their hosting plans.

My Final Thought on HostArmada Review

After using HostArmada for few months I would say that all required features that I was expected are included in HostArmada.

Additionally, I see some advanced features in HostArmada which are almost not available in other hosting providers.

So if you’re blogger, developer, marketer or small business owner HostArmada shared and WordPress hosting plans are the best suit for you.

Furthermore, Their hosting plans are quite affordable for any newies.

Overall, HostArmada is a good hosting provider as per my experience.

What’s your Thought?

That’s it for HostArmada review.

Now, I’d like to hear from you:

Have you used HostArmada hosting service? if so, how’s your experience?


Do you have any questions about this web host?

Let me know by leaving comment below.

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