Hostinger India Review 2019 【60%+10% OFF Coupon Code】

Hostinger India Review 2019 ( 60% + Coupan Code 10% OFF )

Are You Confused about Hostinger India Review?😞

Actually, you are totally right because to choose the Best web hosting for your website is not easy.

You may need to do lot’s of internet researching after then you will satisfy.

So, today I will share with you the Genuine Guide about Hostinger India Review 2019.😊

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Now, it’s your responsibility to read properly. what I am saying here about Hostinger Review.

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actually, I am a blogger & Youtuber so, I recently got many emails & comments about my subscriber and the common question is “Sir I want to start my website or blog which is best and affordable web hosting“.💭

So, after that, I was researched about best and affordable web hosting providers in India.

And, you know what I found “Hostinger Web Hosting“.

after that to save your time I was research about features, review, plan, prices of hostinger.

So, Let’s Look at Some Basic Details First.

Hostinger Key Benefits
– Affordable Web Hosting
– Top Quality Web Hosting
– Support Unlimited Real-Time Traffic
– Huge Memory Space
– Free TLD Domain on Hosting Purchase
– Free SSL Certificate
– Free Website Builder
– Optimized Hosting For WordPress
– 30 Days Money-Back guarantee
– 24/7 Unlimited Support

I Increased Website Speed by Shift to Hostinger

You know, all bloggers, web developers are always confused about how to increase website loading speed.

Even I was also very confused about improving the website loading speed in the past some months.

actually, when I started my blog I hosted on another hosting.

I was change something on my website. then I was again & again check website speed on GTMatrix.

I tried out almost all the way like installing many cache plugins, Compress images, minify CSS & JS.

Yes, this all way works for just small improvement.

At that time my website loading speed state is given in the below screenshot.

Website Loading Speed Report Before Hosted on Hostinger

Then finally, I decided to change Web hosting of my website and I shifted to hostinger web hosting.

After done all setup on hostinger you know I got shocking results.

My website speed increased 3x Faster than the previous report.

See the result after shifting to hostinger.

Website Loading Speed Report after shifted to hostinger

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Hostinger India Review 2019 and Free Web Hosting

Hostinger provides web hosting and domain. Established in 2004, Hostinger Already served 29 million users, Provides service in 178 countries of the world. The company uses cloud web hosting technology and provides Web hosting with MySQL, FTP, and PHP.

The main aim of this company is to provide the best affordable web hosting to those people who want to make their brand on the internet.

As you know the growth of the internet. every business, small business or even individual people like bloggers, developers want to host their website on the internet.

But, as you know to host any website on the internet is not affordable. so, hostinger came in the seen and they provide affordable web hosting in India and all over the world.

Hostinger initially started with free web hosting services. now is know as 000Webhost.

from the starting point of this company, they came with free web hosting. so what you think about how good this company is?

Actually, free web hosting is not good for people who get a good amount of traffic.

but therefore if you are testing your skills you go for free web hosting.

You know Hostinger has some best slogans?💪

Hostinger Slogans

1. Milliseconds Matter

2. Be fast to be first

3. Built for speed

4. In speed, we believe

5. Succeed Faster

so, just imagine how good they are!

Okay! now you might be waiting for Hostinger India Review am I right?

Before Start, I tell you that, please Keep read Carefully because each and every line tells you something about hostinger review.

First of all, let’s take look at Hostinger comparison with different Hosting Providers.

Hostinger, Godaddy, Siteground & Hostgator Comparision India

Finding a best-hosting provider that is really a challenging task because whole website performance is based on web hosting.

Nowadays, to make a website is a really easy process thanks to Blogger, WordPress, etc.

but, for lunch a website on the internet you need webspace.

When buying “Best Web Hosting” we need to keep in mind various things like prices, features, Uptime, Support, Review, Rating, etc.

you know hostinger web hosting fulfilled all of the above requirements at affordable price.

don’t believe?

Okay, let me give you a proof by comparing Hostinger VS Godaddy VS Siteground VS Hostgator Starter Plan.

Take a look man.👀

Hostinger, Godaddy, Siteground & Hostgator Comparision India

So, As you can see Hostinger staring plan starts from 45Rs, Godaddy 99Rs, Siteground 280Rs., Hostgator 99Rs.

So, the image itself tells everything.

And did you noticed features of every web hosting provider?

Look again in image ☝ hostinger have all the features that other hosting providers have with a less and affordable price range.

Really amazing! #lovehostinger right?💓

Okay okay! this is not an end there are lots of other good things that are there about hostinger web hosting India.👇

Now we, see different Web hosting plans.


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Hostinger Web Hosting features

There are a lot of quality features hostinger India provides.

so, here I just add some of the key features that make Hostinger web Hosting powerful.

  • High-Quality Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Web Hosting
  • Affordable Hosting
  • Free Domain Hosting & Free SSL
  • Free Website Builder
  • Hosting optimized for WordPress
  • Automatic WordPress Installer
  • Powerfull Hpanel

Hostinger Plans & Price In India

To get affordable web hosting in this digital world only one place is best called “Hostinger“.

See the home page of the hostinger clearly shows the best starting price.

Hostinger Web Hosting Affordable Plan & Price In India

Now, it’s time to move forward!

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Price & Plan

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Pricing In India Starts From Rs.45.

If you have a low budget and you starting a new website then these first plans are really good for you.

And If you want Pricing of Rs.45/ Month you need to get 48 Month Plans.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Pricing & Plan

If you want more space & Good Traffic This first Shared hosting plan is not good. you need to go with a premium web hosting plan.

Single Web Hosting

Price: Rs. 45 / Month

1 Website

1 Email Account

100 GB Bandwidth

1X Processing Power & Memory

Premium Web Hosting

Price: Rs. 199 / Month

Unlimited Number of Websites
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
2X Processing Power & Memory
Weekly Backups

Business Web Hosting

Price: Rs. 189/ Month

All Benefits From Premium
Daily Backups
Free SSL Certificate
4X Processing Power & Memory

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Hostinger Cloud Web Hosting Pricing & Plan

If you need more High-speed hosting you may buy hostinger cloud hosting plan.

This web hosting is also called “Virtual Private Server”.

it also supports all the features of shared web hosting.

Let’s Explore More About Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plans.

Hostinger Cloud Web Hosting Pricing & Plan

Experience up to three times faster hosting and use dedicated resources with our cloud hosting. It’s like owning your own server. The difference is that our team of professionals cares about the backend, so you do not have to do this.

Startup Cloud

Price: Rs. 409/ Month

Dedicated IP Address
40 GB Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
2 CPU Cores

Professional Cloud

Price: Rs. 815/ Month

Dedicated IP Address
80 GB Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
4 CPU Cores

Enterprise Cloud

Price: Rs. 1,495/ Month

Dedicated IP Address
160 GB Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
6 CPU Cores

Hostinger VPS Web Hosting Pricing & Plan

lastly,  Hostinger Provides Strong VPS Web Hosting For with high benefits and features.

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS Hosting for short) is a virtual server service provided by major web hosting companies. VPS hosting is a virtual part of a real server machine that is divided into smaller virtual servers to emulate and virtualize real servers. Each VPS has its own software, the operating system (OS). In most cases, users get full root access (superuser) and can install and run most software without operating system limitations.

Hostinger VPS Web Hosting Pricing & Plan

Hostinger Performance – Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

Uptime is really a major factor of the website when you buy web hosting.

Hostinger promise 99.9% Uptime Warranty.

Sound like good?😎

Even for they promise for Shared hosting also.

You know at this affordable price it’s a big thing to provides Great Uptimes.

According to Hosting. review Hostinger is #1 Web Hosting in 2019.

Hostinger Performance - Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

And they show Uptime report of Hostinger is fully 100 %.

Hostinger Performance - Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime


Hostinger 24/7 Support Chat

Support Is a very important thing to see before buying any web hosting service.

Hostinger has a great technical team to provides you support at any point in time.

Without good customer service, the idea of hosting a website is almost unthinkable. Customer Support is the lifeblood of every web hosting customer. Even advanced customers need them.

The quality of Hostinger’s customer support is also amazing. You will be greeted warmly and politely ask for your problems. If the problem takes longer, you will be asked for your permission.

This is definitely a great experience as not all hosting providers are able to provide customer support in such a delicate way.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Hostinger’s comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

If you buy hosting and you will not satisfy then you can get your money back to your account.

for this policy, you need to talk with hostinger customer support team.

This 30-days money-back guarantee is not applicable to domain name purchases.

Means if you buy a domain then it’s not transferred back.

Hostinger India Review

Yes, Hostinger India Hosting is the best, affordable and secure web hosting. as I explain everything about Hostinger India Review in this article.

So, finally, here we show what exactly Hostinger Customer say about Hostinger Web Hosting Service.

This review is taken from

Hostinger India Reviews
Hostinger India Reviews

Hostinger India Review By Trustpilot

You know it’s not easy to get a good star rating on but if the company is genuine then definitely their users give good reviews & ratings for any product.

So, Hostinger got a 4-star rating out of 5 which is really great for any product.

that means, it is sure that hostinger Web hosting is genuine that’s why real users of hostinger give a good reviews.

Now it’s time to look at this reviews & rating takes on Trustpilot

Hostinger web hosting review taken by trustpilot

At this section may be your all doubt will clear & you are now ready to buy hostinger web hosting right? 😊

But wait Below I have one surprise for you!🎁

are you excited?

okay! let’s dive in.

Hostinger India Coupon Code 2019

Here I provide you the Latest Hostinger India coupon code 2019 for different plans with pricing.

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Business Web Hosting

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Startup Cloud

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Professional Cloud

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Hostinger India Promo code 2019 (Offer, Discount)

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Hostinger India Payment Method

If you want to buy hosting from hostinger then don’t forget to get “10%” discount through blogging sky as I give you a coupon code in the above section.

Now, if you are ready to buy hosting then you may have confusion about what payment method hostinger India accepts? right?

Don’t worry! I will tell you everything about the available payment method.

Hostinger India almost accepts all common Indian payment method so it’s easy & good for you to buy easily.

  • Visa
  • Master card
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Payment Wall
  • UPI
  • India Bank Transfer
  • RuPay

Also try Video for more better understand about hostinger plans & coupon code

Hostinger India Hosting FAQ’s

Is Hostinger good for hosting my website?
Yes, Of course, hostinger is one of the best web hosting provider in India & provide hosting at affordable price range with high-quality features. ( To buy it in the above section you will get 1 Coupon code to get an instant discount on every web hosting purchase valid only through Activate Coupon Code Now Button).
Is a reliable hosting, and do they provide cPanel?
Yes, a reliable Web hosting, and They provide Advanced Cpanel Called “HPanel” with advanced functionality like automatic WordPress Installer, Advanced Cache Manager, Etc.
Which web hosting provider is better: Hostinger or HostGator?
Of course, Hostinger because of hostinger high-quality web hosting at affordable price ranges, 24/7 live support, big staff.

Hostinger India hosting start from 45Rs./month
Hostgator India hosting start from 99Rs./month

What is hostinger renewal prices
Hostinger renewal prices are the same price as when you buy it first.
Is hostinger provides free domain?
Yes, Hostinger provides free domain name on every hosting that you purchases (when free domain offer is running).
Is hostinger provides free SSL Certificate?
Yes, Hostinger provides free SSL Certificate on every hosting that you purchases (when free domain offer is running).
Is hostinger provides free support after purchasing web hosting
Yes, Hostinger provides free 24*7 support to their customer. They have dedicated team for any kinds of supports.
Is Hostinger is Good for WordPress Website?
Yes, Hostinger is one of the best hosting for WordPress website provides automatic WordPress installer features, optimized WordPress web hosting.


It’s really hard for you to find an affordable web hosting with the best features and performance.

Hostinger is 15 year Old Company and has a good reputation in the market.

And at this price might be no other hosting provider company offer.

So, it’s a good opportunity for you to host your website or blog on the internet now.

Don’t forget to use a coupon code that I give in the above section to get a 10% discount.

29 Millions Happy customer served by hostinger it does not lie, right?

I hope you Like my Hostinger India Review Article Let me Know in Comment Below

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Hostinger india review & rating
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