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Do you feel confused about choosing hostinger web hosting?

Do you want to know if hostinger is a good or bad hosting provider? Do you want to see some live proofs & our experience with this web host?

If these are your mind-breaking questions then you will definitely get your answer in this ultimate Hostinger review 2020 article.

But first, let me show you my experience about hostinger web hosting plan which I bought last year. I used their shared hosting plans as well as cloud hosting plans for almost two years.

Hostinger Billing

So, after using Hostinger hosting I’ve prepared this review post to share some reports & facts about this host.

Let’s move to the quick hosting overview so you’ll get some ideas for the same.

Hostinger Review Overview

Overall Rating

4.8 out of 5


99.99% (January 2019 – February 2020 avg)


380ms (January 2019 – February 2020 avg)

Supported Web App

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, Ruby/Ruby on Rails


24/7 Customer Support(Live Chat)

Hosting Features

Unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate Standard Performance, Email Account, LiteSpeed Cache, WordPress Acceleration, Easy Website Builder

Databases Support

MySQL(PostgreSQL only supported in VPS packages)

Hosting Plans

Shared, WordPress, Cloud, VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Hosting Pricing

Shared Hosting Starting at $ 0.99/month

About Hostinger

Hostinger was started in 2004 as a free web hosting provider known as in 2010 they achieved the 1M user’s milestone, and in 2011 actually launch a brand as hostinger to provide hosting at very affordable pricing.

In the year of 2014, they had a huge 10M user base. the journey goes on and now they daily receiving 15K new user sign up every day. so, of course, the user base is now 29 million users.

Hostinger story

They spread in almost every country around the globe.

Hostinger around the world

As you see in the above story of hostinger they started with free hosting provider and now they started providing premium hosting at low cost. even at this affordable cost they providing quality hosting to users. I have host multiple websites on their servers and I really satisfied with the service they offer.

Hostinger uses Next Generation Tech to always fly your website like a rocket. they have 7 data centers located around the globe these are UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Lithuania. so you can choose any among this and enjoy high speed for your website and your visitors also get good users experience.

their every plan include these top feature to help your website to run more smoothly: Custom Hpanel, Access Manager, Litespeed, CloudFlare integration, LetsEncrypt integration.

Apart from this hostinger also protect your website from DDoS Attack.

Hostinger Server provides lighting speed with customizable server-level caching. also give you SSD disk, free backup, etc.

WordPress performance of hosting is also best to get more ranking, visitors & conversions.

Shared hosting plans starting from $0.99 per month with a lot of features to start any new website. When I know about hostinger, I first tried their Business shared hosting plan it cost me $3.99 per month. then later I also used their Cloud hosting for better performance of my website.

Check our Hostinger India Review.

Pros of Hostinger

There are many advantages of hostinger that i’ll explain you here. honestly this advantages i’ve point out here after using it for many years.

1. Hostinger 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Uptime is like the backbone of our website or blog. that’s why you have always heard the word “Uptime”. it’s a really important factor when it comes to choosing a web hosting for a new website or setup website. because your money, lead, or anything that you’re trying to get from the website is base on uptime if your hosting not up all the time then you may have to face a money-losing situation.

But don’t worry it’s not the case in hostinger.

The same problem I’ve faced when I used amazon affiliate site to generate sales by promoting it on my blog. we’re also in the same turmoil. but then we shift to hostinger cloud hosting plan that cost us around $7.45/mo and trust me guys, affiliates sale got increase like a rocket. really thankful to hostinger for taking our hurdles on their solder.

Now, let me tell you that hostinger uptime is really good as 99.94% average.

hostinger uptime

Just look at above image it’s 99.99% uptime in february month. now let’s see more report on uptime for hostinger web hosting.

Hostinger Uptime Report

Hostinger Uptime Report

Hostinger offering uptime guarantee means if uptime goes down then you can contact them for forwarding steps.

If your website hosting is always up then you can catch your potential customers every time without fail. I think that’s good of hostinger type hosting company.

Now, it’s time to take a look at another one the important factor called speed.

2. Fastest Loading Speed

After uptime, your website needs a quick speed to serve a good user experience. it’s fact guys without this 2 factor it’s really hard to scale any business or a new blog.

There are many reports in the market that proved this already how to speed effect on losing customers.

Also one of the top sources for gaining a new customer or getting high traffic called search engine like google also doesn’t take you as a good site if your site has sluggish loading speed.

If your business site or personal site does not perform well on google then it’s a very bad signal. Of course, it’s easy to power up your website by choosing the right web hosting that performs smoothly like the sky.

Now, come to the point hostinger loading speed is 343ms avg.

Hostinger Loading Speed Report

Just look at the above image it’s really good speed over the month.Now, it’s time to give you proof of my this website when I started it I used another web host but when I switch to hostinger then everything gone changed.Now let’s see the previous screenshot that I’ve taken from GTMetrix.

Loading Speed before switch to hostinger.

Website Speed Report before hostinger

Just look at the above screenshot of how bad is my website loading speed is. at that time I’ve tried almost everything like minify CSS, js used caching plugins, etc. but was nothing changed, and no more improvement possible there. So, then I found hostinger web hosting service and I switch my website to hostinger server and the result is socking!

Take a look:)

website speed after switch to hostinger

Before the switch to hostinger my website loading page speed score is D and after changing my web hosting it’s skyrocketing website speed. Do you know how this happened? because of hostinger best LiteSpeed servers and LiteSpeed cache.

Once you buy any web hosting plans they give you an inbuilt cache manager which will boost up your site speed.

Still confused let’s discuss about his cache manager because the next advantage is this.

3. Speed up Website with Hostinger Cache Manager

Hostinger provide cache manager with all their hosting plans. and I have really like this feature. of course who doesn’t like to load website with ease and smoothly without any boring loader.

Now, maybe some of you don’t know about cache so let me tell in the short and simple language.the cache is a kind of concept to store all static content of the website on the cache server so content serving made easy and fast on user request.

Now, if you want to know about how to enable this cache on your website then there are very simple steps for the same.

How to Enable Caching in Hostinger

1. Login to your Hpanel.

2. Click on manage for a particular website.

3. Now, scroll down the page to “Advance” Option.

4. Click on Cache Manager.

Hostinger Advance Features Option

5. Enable Automatic Cache Option.

hostinger enable automatic cache in cache manager

6. That’s it! now your website caching is enabled.

Once you do this you’ll able to see changes in loading speed.

4. 1-click WordPress Auto Installer

This feature is also one of my best features that you can see in hostinger, siteground, Bluehost & chemicloud like big web hosts.

In hostinger you’ll able to install WordPress in just 1 click with the help of auto-installer. not just WordPress you can able to install many other apps like Joomla, Prestashop, Opencart, Drupal and many more.

So, people like me who have multiple websites then will surely save your time. if you also have multiple websites then this plan is best sure for you.

Hostinger Auto Installer

5. Free Website Builder

This feature is most important for non-techi people who don’t know coding and web development. btw I am a web developer so I easily make any website. but any individual or business owner who wants to ready website with simple editing, then hostinger is gold for you.

Hostinger provides in built free website builder with all hostinger hosting plans. this include tons of website template that you can use as per your need.

Hostinger Website Builder

They have more than 200 templates of different category businesses like e-commerce, health, hotel, events, etc.

You can easily select one as per your requirement and edit it visually without writing single line of code.

Hostinger Website Builder Editing

6. Easy to Use Dashboard

Hostinger Hpanel made with much love for their customer. unlike the traditional complicated panel, hostinger dashboard is very clean & easy to use with big icons for all features that easily caching in your eye.

All necessary features are available in one place with a proper category like order, accounts, email, domains, database, files, advanced & others. this all category has a lot of features to run your website smoothly.

Hostinger Hpanel Dashboard

I really like their UI & UX design. we can easily find any option by category.

7. Best Customer Support

Customer support is a very important thing that you need to keep in mind when going to purchase any web hosting. without customer support, it’s too hard to manage websites especially for a non-technical person who doesn’t know much about technology.

Luckily hostinger customer support is really amazing. I have personally taken help from hostinger support team and most of the time their reply comes instant. but in some cases or we can say in the rare case response take some time.

Btw, I really like their support.

After purchasing web hosting I had taken help many times and all the time they solved my problem in just some minutes.

8. Detailed Knowledge base

Hostinger knowledge base is really so wide with a variety of different topics. their knowledge base includes various information, features, troubleshooting & other hosting related technical information written in a good format.

If you visit hostinger Knowledge base there are 3 main categories they defined there.

  • Website
  • Domain
  • General
Hostinger Knowledge Base

If you had any problem then visit there and search for your query most probably you’ll get your answer.

I personally found many helpful info and steps about DNS, file management & MySQL database.

9. Unlimited features & Resources

Hostinger provides many other features that help you to get more advantages at no extra cost. even all advanced features are available from premium shared web hosting plans to all higher plans. 

  • Unlimited WebsitesWith Hostinger’s hosting, you are able to host an unlimited website as per your need but for this, you have to buy their premium or business hosting, VPS or cloud plans. Even to add a new website is also too much easy that’s why I love their UI of Hpanel.
  • Unlimited SSD StorageAt a very affordable pricing range, hostinger offers unlimited SSD storage that helps you to upload as many contents and speed up delivery. I’ve hosted more than 20 websites on their cloud web hosting.
  • Unlimited BandwidthIf you know web host like the siteground, they have some monthly limit of traffic for your hosting account. once your site reached monthly quota then your site goes down or you have to pay extra to upgrade plan. but in hostinger your site working fine if it drives high traffic.
  • GIT, Cron Jobs & Free SSLHostinger offers this all features with almost all plans except a single web hosting plan. but yes in single hosting plans you’ll able to get free SSL for sure. you can easily crone jobs & control version with GIT.

10. Great Introductory Hosting Pricing

Hostinger provides web hosting at a very minimal cost than the market. this introductory pricing is very affordable for new customers. but here is some twist if you want to grab maximum benefits on any hosting plans you have to buy it for 4 -years subscription. but it’s not bad if you got quality hosting for 4 years at a very low price.

I always recommend you to select 4 years subscription with any specific plan that you need to buy.

Because it saves you lots of bucks:)

First plans called single shared hosting starting at just $0.99/me. but it have some limitations in terms of websites & resources so my suggestion is to go with premium or business plans.

Cons Of Hostinger

​There are various advantages of hostinger like good speed, uptime & features. But on another site there are few cons. but it’s okay if we got this much pros at very less price.

​Let’s see some cons of hostinger:

1. Longer Subscription to get more Discount

Hostinger offers a higher discount if you purchase for the long term. If you bill for one month or 1 year, then the price will be higher for any hosting plan.

For example: on shared hosting they offer 90% discount, if you pay for 4-years you’ll get full 90% discount otherwise this discount goes decrease.

Let’s understand with images.

If you billing for 4-years (48 months) pricing is very low. Look at below screenshot you’ll get every answer that you want.

Low price for longer term

Now, check the price difference from the first image and below image. It’s increased to $4.99 on 24-month purchase.

High price on 24-month billing

At last, let’s see pricing on 12-months billing. It’s super high than 4-years.

Hosting price on 12 months purchase

So, now it’s too clear which way you want to go!

Try to get 4-years plan for more benefits and avoid high renewal rates.

2. Sometimes slow support

Hostinger live support is very good, but sometimes it might take some more time, and you’re on hold for a few minutes when they are busy.

I faced this; that’s why I share my experience here. But in that case, they will send your reply to email once customer representative response to your question.

One more thing in this cons is you need must logged-in user to access hostinger live chat option. so, first it’s necessary to have one account to talk with team. but if you want to contact them then contact via contact us page soon you’ll get your answer within some hours.

3. Simple Hpanel instead cPanel

Technology changing day by day, so it’s vital to update the layout of web pages. That’s why hostinger’s team try to make dashboard easy to use with Hpanel.

If you are familiar with CPanel then definitely this hpanel you easily able to use. Btw it’s a too simple custom dashboard where all features and settings available.

I like their UI of Hpanel it’s too flexible and easy to use. It’s best for new users & non-technical person. But might not like by advance technical users.

Hostinger prices, hosting plans & features

Hostinger has a wide range of hosting plans for different types of users like blogger, web developer, agency owner, small business, entrepreneur.

Here you can check best hostinger plans with pricing.

Let’s see each plan in details to understand which one is the best fit for you.

Check Hostinger Coupon Code & Discount.

Hostinger Shared & WordPress Web Hosting

Shared hosting & WordPress hosting plans prices are the same and plans include in it is also the same. So it’s better to define one rather than two.

In this web hosting all plans are very affordable than other marketplaces.

Let’s explore more info about shared and WordPress hosting plans with features.




Business (Highly Suggested)

No. of site




Disk Space








Email Accounts




Free SSL




MySQL Databases




Daily Backups




FREE Website Builder




99.9% Uptime Guarantee




24/7/365 Support








Know More


Note: To get hosting at this price you need to purchase it for 48-month.

Single shared hosting is very low cost hosting and great for those who want to just start a blog or website which doesn’t require more resources and power. it only allows you to host a single website. Also limit of bandwidth, single email account. Pricing for 1 month is $0.99 on 4-years subscription.

Premium Shared hosting is more powerful than a single one. In this, you’re free to add an unlimited website with unlimited bandwidth and many more. It cost you $2.89/mo with excellent features.

Business Shared Hosting is super powerful than both above plans. It included 4X Processing Power & Memory, unlimited website, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email account, free SSL, daily backup and many more. As per my experience, I strongly suggest this shared hosting plan for more flexibility. It costs you $3.99/mo on a 48-month subscription.

Hostinger Cloud hosting

Hostinger cloud hosting plans is really excellent, the reason behind is you don’t need to tackle technical stuff for using a dedicated server.

They specially made it for those who want more powerful hosting that able to handle high traffic and requires more resources. The main thing is in the backside they are providing VPS hosting, but you don’t need to manage it yourself. They made it easy to use hPanel to handle complex tasks easily. Also, it’s fully managed by the specialist expert team, so you don’t need to worry about internal stuff.


No. of site




Disk Space

40GB SSD Storage

80 GB SSD St​orage

200 GB SSD Storage





Memory (RAM)




CPU Cores




Email Accounts




Free SSL




Cache Manager




Daily Backups




Isolated Resources




Free Domain Registration




99.9% Uptime Guarantee




24/7/365 Support








Know More


Cloud Startup is first and plan of hostinger cloud hosting it’s highly resourced hosting with many advanced features to run high traffic website on VPS server without technical setup. It includes 3 GB RAM, 40GB SSD storage, 2 CPU cores and many more. It’s cost $7.45/mo.

Cloud Professional is another powerful full pack of resources to host multiple sites for higher visitors sites & more memory, storage site. In this plan features number increases than the first plan.

Cloud Global is an extra powerful plan with more dedicated resources to power up your website. It comes with advanced features and more resources like 16GB RAM, 200GB SSD, 4X Speed boost. This is a very costly plan of hostinger cloud. It cost $37/mo on 4-years hosting subscription.

Hostinger VPS Hosting

Hostinger VPS is another excellent hosting for VPS hosting users. VPS hosting is more 3x more powerful than a shared one. It’s the same as cloud hosting except you need to manage the back end yourself. Cloud comes with fully managed hosting, so you don’t need to worry about the upgrade and maintenance of the server, but in VPS you need to manage it as you’ve root-level access to customize anything that you want.

If you’re able to control server by your self or you’ve team to manage then this plan is best for your scalable project.

Starting price of the VPS plan is $ 3.95 /mo with 1 GB RAM, 20 GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth.

In hostinger VPS, there is no specific plan defined, but you can choose as per your requirement. Also, you’re able to upgrade your resource whenever you want quickly.

Let’s see the entry-level pack in VPS.

  • VCPU: 1 vCPU
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Storage: 20GB
  • Bandwidth: 1000 GB
  • Price: $ 3.95 /mo

VPS hosting features

VPS plans include top-notch features such as SSD disk drives, 100 Mb/s network, full toot access, dedicated IP, IPv6 support.

VPS hosting features

Hostinger Review by hosting users

Till now, we have seen all features & hosting services that are offered by hostinger. But it’s imperative to know what real hosting users say about hostinger after using it.

So, let’s explore these reviews screenshots to find more.

Hostinger Review by Their Hosting Users

Hostinger Review by Their Hosting Users

These reviews are written by hostinger hosting users. They shared everything about hostinger hosting that you need to know. Read more reviews here.

Hostinger Review on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a review platform where a real customer of any company writes some words, either negative or positive. So, it’s essential to check hostinger’s rating on Trustpilot.

So here it is!

Almost 4.5 out of 5 rated by customers or users to hostinger hosting. Very positive single for hostinger as well as for you if you’re one who willing to buy hosting now.

Trustpilot - Hostinger Review

More than 1400 users rated hostinger. 89 % of users rated as Excellent, 6% says good, 1% average, 1% poor & 3% bad. So, now it’s the evident majority are happy with hostinger hosting services.

Hostinger alternatives comparison

As we have discussed above hostinger’s features are very good at this much low pricing range. So it’s essential to see is hostinger better than other competitor’s web hosting providers?

Well, here I present some surprising comparison between hostinger and its alternatives like GoDaddy, Bluehost, siteground & Hostgator.

Don’t forget to read because it’s 100% decision-making comparisons.

Hostinger Vs. GoDaddy

Godaddy is a very popular domain registrar. But does GoDaddy hosting worth it? Let’s see this in Hostinger vs Godaddy comparison.

When we found this astonishing comparison, we were shocked at how hostinger offer’s hosting at these prices with high-quality features.

Hostinger vs GoDaddy Features Comparison

hostinger vs godaddy features comparisions

It’s shocking to say that Godaddy charges $4.99 and features are very less as compared to hostinger. Basically, for domain only Godaddy is good but for hosting its performance is very poor. In hostinger they provide free site migration which is not in GoDaddy. No unlimited SSD storage wherein another side there is unlimited storage.

Hostinger vs GoDaddy Uptime Comparison

Hostinger uptime is slightly better than GoDaddy. GoDaddy uptime fluctuates between 100% to 99%, so hostinger is a more reliable one.

Hosting vs GoDaddy Uptime

Hostinger is a clear winner. GoDaddy loss many points in its features, uptime & response time. So you should go with hostinger.

Hostinger Vs. Hostgator

In Hostinger vs Hostgator, I found the huge difference in the price!

HostGator price is very high then hostinger even they’re not providing many features at a high price. another side in hostinger prices is comparatively low, and features are fully loaded.

Let’s walk through quick highlights between these two web hosts.

Hostinger vs Hostgator

HostGator clear loose many points like no free migration, limited SSD storage usage, limited email account.

So, in hosting features & pricing battle, of course, hostinger win.

Hostinger vs HostGator Uptime Comparison

100% uptime is critical for any website to respond to their visitors any time.

Hostinger Vs. Hostgator Uptime Comparison

Hostinger Vs. Hostgator Uptime Comparison

While uptime is the same, it’s my responsibility to remind you about price difference so, yeah we can say here also hostinger win.hostinger is a clear winner because of price range mainly.

Frequently Ask Questions Related to Hostinger Review

Q.1) Is Hostinger is good hosting provider?

​Yes, hostinger is one of the best hosting providers in the world, trusted by more than 29 million users. I highly recommend hostinger hosting.

Q.2) Is Hostinger best for WordPress?

Yes, hostinger support WordPress in almost all their hosting plans. But if you want to host a WordPress website, then you can go with their WordPress plans.

Q.3) What Hostinger plan is best for the blogger?

For blogger hostinger WordPress plans are best. You can choose a premium or business hosting plan for better performance.

Q.4) Is hostinger free?

No, hostinger is not free hosting provider, but yes they have another website where offering free web hosting called ““.

Q.5) Is Hostinger provide FREE domain name?

0Yes, hostinger provides free domain with their hosting plans. But sometimes if the offer is finished, then it might be not available. Mostly with premium and business hosting plans domain name is free of cost.

Q.6) Is Hostinger cloud hosting is good?

Yes, in hostinger cloud hosting, you don’t need to worry about internal stuff that means you don’t need to manage your VPS server. Their team handles it.

Q.7) Where hostinger server are located?

Hostinger servers located in the USA, Asia and Europe (UK), so you can enjoy nearby servers as per your traffic needs.

Q.8) Does Hostinger provide FREE site migration?

Yes, Hostinger provides free website migration to their new customers. For that, you need to fill-up site migration form with previous host credentials.

Conclusion: Do I Recommend Hostinger?

Yes, I strongly recommend hostinger web hosting.

there are many hosting to choose between.

Always try to figure-out your requirement first & then choose accordingly.

I strongly recommend shared hosting premium and business plan for a new level and intermediate level sites as it has many advantages over single shared hosting. If you’re WordPress users then these two plans are best for you starting at $2.89/mo.

Hostinger’s easy to use hPanel helps you a lot to manage your website easily. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla like many CMS you can install in just 1-click by automatic installer features.

If your hosting requirement is higher and you need more memory, bandwidth & 10X speed, then cloud hosting plans are made for you.

Customer support of hostinger is also good enough to help you to solve any complexity.

Uptime, speed & performance are also best as per my report. I’ve used hostinger’s cloud and business hosting plans and I’m very satisfied with their services.

Daily more than 10,000 new customers sign up for hostinger. So if you’re ready to start your site then click here to check the discount.

Don’t forget to get a huge discount with hostinger coupon code here.

Also, check out Hostinger Black Friday Deals, if you came here on Black Friday occasion.

I hope you like hostinger review and you found something helpful here. Please comment below your thoughts and let me know which plan you’ve bought from hostinger?

Waiting for your comments:)

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