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hello guys, finally here blogging sky started bloggers interview series to help newbies to find some awesome thing about blogging from our questions and answers.

you know these bogger Interview Series Help you a lot to find some good stuff and facts about good bloggers.

So, finally today we introduce you to an Indian blogger Sumit Sao founder of Blogging Lift.

His story & blogging journey is very interesting if you read it properly.

if you read it properly you should get inspired by him & implementing some good things on your blogging journey.

Guys are excited to read this interview??

Okay, it’s cool! let’s dig it out.

Blogging Interview Q&A With Sumit Sao From Blogginglift

#1. Please introduce About You and Your Blog.

Thanks, Sahil for inviting me to your blogger interview series to share my knowledge with your readers.

Hey Friends, I‘m Sumit Sao a part-time blogger, affiliate marketer and founder of the blog

I’m also running a Facebook group Blogging Lift VIP Group which is joined by 15,700+ awesome bloggers. The best thing about this group is that you can post your blogging, SEO, WordPress and Affiliate Marketing related questions in this group to get help from me and other expert bloggers of our group.

#2. How You started Your First Blog.

My story is very interesting. When I learned HTML during my last semester exam of my engineering then I decided to make a webpage using HTML. I designed it and after that, I purchased a domain name and hosting from Godaddy. In this way, I created my first single-page website.

At that time, I didn’t know about Google Blogger, WordPress, SEO, Google Adsense, and Affiliate Marketing. I created this website due to my interest in Web page designing. Then I learned on ShoutMeLoud that we can also earn from our blog through Google Adsense. So, I apply for Adsense and due to invalid clicks, my account got banned within one year.

After 3 Unsuccessful blogs, Finally, I created a blog which is not well known and a successful blog.

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#3. How You Learn About SEO, Blogging Etc…

I learned everything myself without purchasing any course. I learned WordPress, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and everything by reading articles and watching YouTube videos.

But It took me around one year to learn the basics of it. That’s why now I think that if anyone has the budget then he/she should purchase blogging and SEO course of pro bloggers to learn to blog in the fastest way because they have years of experience in this field so that you can save a lot of time.

“Time is Money” so don’t waste your time and If you don’t have money to purchase SEO course then you can also join my Facebook group where you can discuss your blogging-related doubts with me and other expert bloggers of our group.

#4. For Beginner Blogger What is Best Blogger Or Wordpress.

We all know that WordPress is the best platform to build a professional blog.

If you want to start a blog and have $100-$150 then I highly recommend you to buy a good hosting and use WordPress.

And if you don’t have money then you can start your blog on Google Blogger platform for FREE and when your blog starts making money then you can shift your blog from Blogger to WordPress.

But the main problem with the FREE platform like Google blogger is that if you break any of their terms and policy then they can remove your blog without any notice and all of your work and content will vanish.

#5. Do new Bloggers able to rank in 2019 and beyond. Possible?

Yes, new bloggers can also rank in Google in 2019. But as we all know that competition is increasing every day. So, you’ve to work hard. Here are some tips for newbie bloggers to improve ranking:

  • Learn On-Page SEO from Backlinko blog and apply it on your blog post.
  • Create 10x Better content than top 10 ranking articles.
  • Try to get some backlinks from relevant sites.
  • Use Long-tail keywords that have low Keyword Difficulty (KD) and high search volume.
  • Improve your site speed and use a premium theme because the user experience is an important ranking factor.

#6. As per you how much budget needed to start a blog!

you can easily start your blog under $100.

You need these things to start your blog:

#1. Domain name and Hosting: I highly recommend you to purchase a domain and hosting from SiteGround because it’s the best hosting company.

#2. A WordPress Theme: I highly recommend you to use either GeneratePress theme or Focus blog theme.

And if you can afford then you must purchase Thrive Architect plugin to create attractive looking pages and blog posts.

#7. Newbies always Confused About How To Get Traffic Any Quick Way?

I know that traffic is the main problem of every newbie blogger. But I want to share some tips which can help you to get traffic:

  1. Follow 80/20 rules i.e. spend 20% of your time to create new content and 80% of your time in promoting that content.
  2. Mention other bloggers in your content and inform them about it using email outreach.
  3. Share other bloggers’ articles and tag them. They’ll definitely notice it and do the same.

#8. How you Manage Your Time!

Frankly speaking, It’s very difficult for me to manage my time. That’s why I’m watching lots of time management videos on YouTube so that I can manage my time effectively.

#9  Say Something about your earning! To Motivate Newbies.

Yes, I’m making money from my blog. But it’s fluctuating every month. I have one suggestion for a newbie blogger that if you start your blog today and you think that you can make thousands of dollars within 10-15 days. Then it’s not possible.

If you really want to make money from your blog then you need to work hard. Don’t forget that hard work and patience are the key to success.

#10. Share Some Short & effective SEO Tips!

Here are some simple but effective tips for newbie bloggers:

  1. Use Low KD and High Search volume keywords.
  2. Link Building is an important ranking factor.
  3. Don’t repeat your keywords again and again. I.e. avoid keyword stuffing.
  4. Before start writing your content, check the top 10 results and try to write more detailed and helpful content than your competitors.

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Final Words

First of all, I would like to thanks Sumit Sao to being part of our interview series and shared some best tips & tricks about blogging.

Guys, I hope you all got some good stuff from this blogger interview.

If you want to get success then you must need to implement all tips to your blog.

Now, it’s your turn to comment below how you like this blogging interview with Sumit sao??

I am waiting for your helpful feedback!?

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