Payhip Review 2022 – Is This All-in-One Software Worth It?

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This article presents an unbiased review of Payhip; I will walk you through all the features they offer and how it can be compared to other software.

First and foremost, in this payhip review, we gonna compare it on a few aspects: ease of use, cost-effectiveness, additional features, and much more.

We as a creator always need different kinds of tools to manage our online business and often end up frustrated by trying multiple software by spending a hefty amount.

For me trying Payhip was one of these reasons. Because, as per its first impression it looked to be an all-in-one platform and I needed to manage everything including my online courses, coaching, and digital downloads. So, I gave it try, and after using it, I’m jotting down all the best and worst things about this platform.

After using it for a few months, here is the complete Payhip review which might help you decide whether this platform is right for you.

Let’s jump into it!

Payhip Review Overview

Payhip Review Overview
Rating4.8 out of 5
FeaturesDigital downloads
Online courses
Physical products
Store builder
VAT & Taxes
Marketing Tools
Email Marketing
Best ForSmall & Large Businesses, Creators, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Online Sellers, and Educators
Ease of UseVery Easy (Great UI & UX)
Starting Price$29 /mo
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This was a quick summary of the overall how payhip worked for me. I will explain more in detail what it has to offer. But before that those who don’t know much about payhip let me introduce it.

What is Payhip

What is Payhip

Payhip is an all-in-one software platform that allows you to sell anything online it includes digital downloads, physical products, courses, coaching, membership, and much more.

What is Payhip

Payhip main aim is to help individual creators, artists, entrepreneurs, educators, youtube, podcasters, and businesses to sell online.

Payhip started in 2011 with a small team and it is bootstrapped business growing rapidly every year.

The USP of this platform is its ultimate feature for all types of online businesses on a single platform with an affordable pricing structure.

The best part of Payhip is that they are completely bootstrapped startups hence they have not taken a single dollar from investors outside. Hence they have no pressure from investors so that they can work completely independently and solve customer problems without being greedy unlike many startups do. They have the freedom to listen to customers’ problems, the freedom to build new features for loving customers, the freedom to decide their pricing structure, and much more.

Moreover, Payhip also facilitates complete payment solutions with popular payment providers. And they have different marketing tools and email marketing integration to help you grow your sales.

What’s So Special About Payhip

What’s So Special About Payhip

There are tons of software platforms available in the market to sell online, but the main problem is it can solve one specific problem. In another word, they are made for one specific purpose. For example, there is software that just allows you to sell online courses.

As we all know that any online business has multiple requirements to market its products or sell different types of products or services.

On the one hand, one solution is that you can buy multiple software with hefty pricing per month and end up having a loss or less ROI. I don’t think it’s a feasible solution for any individual creator or even business.

On the other hand, what if I can tell you that Payhip does all the possible things that you need to run a successful online business. Yes, that is certainly true. Payhip is here to solve exactly this problem.

Payhip All-in-one Platform

They have designed their software platform in a way that anyone who wants to sell different types of products and services can start selling without spending a huge budget on software. Instead of this, just pay a small monthly amount or even use it for absolutely free and sell anything to anyone.

If I talk about my own experience, Before Payhip I was using different software for different purposes. I was using teachable for an online course, Shopify for selling products online, and many others.

But after I got to know about Payhip I thought to get my hand dirty on this platform. I first started as a FREE plan to just try it out. After using it for 30 days I started using the PLUS plan. Honestly, it saved me hundreds of dollars every single month. Just one platform is enough to sell possible things.

This is why Payhip is a special platform for me and for everyone who is using it.

Who can Use Payhip?

Who can Use Payhip?

Anyone who wants to sell online can use the Payhip platform to quickly start their business at affordable pricing.

As we talked about earlier it is all in one solution so it has every possible feature and module to cover each part of the business. You just need to drive customers and the rest technical things are done by Payhip hard-working team. Kudos to them!

Creators (Authors, Artists, Musician, Youtuber, Social Media Influencers, Podcasters): If you’re a creator and have an audience, you can sell anything using Payhip. You could sell courses, ebooks, software, other resources, membership, and much more.

Payhip Customer

Teacher (Coach, Educators): With Payhip educators can easily create and sell courses online without technical difficulties. You could sell courses, coaching, membership, digital downloads, and much more.

Payhip Customer - Timisha Tross

Consultant: Payhip offers multiple useful features which are really great for any consultant who wants to offer consultancy. You can create a personal coaching session or membership to provide consultation to your circle.

Payhip Customer - Alys Golding — Consultant and entrepreneur

Businesses: If you’re a business owner be it small or medium with Payhip you can start selling physical or digital products online with easy steps.

Payhip Customer - Sherry Shish — Quilting Designer

Payhip Features

Payhip Features

Payhip is a kind of platform with tons of features to fulfill every requirement to sell online. No matter who you are and what you want to sell, Payhip has covered you.

The best part about Payhip is that it’s a beginner-friendly platform and it offers a free plan with all the features of paid plans so that you can start your online journey without breaking the bank.

For an already established store or business, it offers a compelling premium plan to lower your transaction cost if you want. Moreover, Payhip is also a great option for business who wants to scale because they will help you in every step of your online journey. It’s like just starting quickly rest they will do on their end.

Here, I going to list down some of the most notable features available on Payhip platform which makes it one of the most powerful platforms among others.

Sell digital downloads

For the last decade, digital products have become so popular among customers. Due to digitization, everyone needs some kind of digital product for a different purpose.

Selling digital downloads is one of the most effective ways for any creator to sell just one resource as many times as they want and make real cash out of it.

I think as a creator I feel that this medium of income is absolutely crazy because you just create any helpful resource once and then upload it to software like Payhip and then do promotion as much as possible.

If you’re looking for passive income ways then I think this is one of them.

Payhip offers you everything you need to set up and sell digital downloads. It allows you to sell any type of file it could be audio, video, PDF, software, fonts, code, documents, or anything else.

The process of selling digital downloads is quite simple and straightforward anyone can do it. All you need to do is just upload your file, do some settings if you want, connect your Paypal or Stripe account and start sharing your URL to your potential customers.

It sounds so simple for you to set up this but in the backend, the Payhip team has been working hard to make everything works for you. They make sure to offer your great UI and UX, pixel-perfect design, and payment integration to accept orders from anywhere in the world.

In short, you don’t need to work on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) or create a perfect design by yourself. You just need to edit or customize your details as per your requirement that’s it. You’re good to go.

Moreover, Payhip is designed in a way that anyone who wants to scale the business can without getting stuck anywhere. So they have an unlimited file upload limit even in the free plan too. However, the only limit that applies is 5 GB per file, which I think is too much you never gonna exhaust per file.

Apart from all of these, there are some advanced features that make the Payhip digital download solution one of the most secure and robust. This includes:

Limit Downloads

To prevent infinite downloads you can limit the number of downloads by each individual customer or user. By default, any customer can download the file 3 times. This makes it a secure solution.

You can find this option here Account>>Settings>>Advanced Settings

Payhip Limit downloads

PDF Stamping

If you’re selling PDFs as a digital download I think this feature is mind-boggling for you. Why? well, it will protect against piracy of your PDF and keep your PDF secure so anyone who wants it needs to buy it. Hence, it will increase your sales. In this feature what they do is stamp buyer purchase details on every page of PDF so that they tend not to share it illegally.

You can find this option here Account>>Settings>>Advanced Settings

Payhip PDF stamping

Software Licenses

Worrying about how to manage software licensing? Well, Payhip has a solution for you. This feature is really invaluable for someone who wants to sell software. Why? because Payhip manages issuing of key per customer to protect your software piracy. AMAZING ISN’T IT?

You can find this option here Products>>Add New Product>> Digital Product>>Advanced options

Payhip Software licenses

Sell Online Courses

After this worldwide pandemic, online courses have become so much more popular and effective way to learn and gain knowledge.

If you want to start selling online courses I think Payhip has some stunning features to help you.

Selling online courses isn’t easy to process because not all solutions available in the market are fully enough to reduce complexity. However, the Payhip team does an absolutely great job and made this feature dead simple that anyone with no prior experience can use it and create an online course in just a few minutes. Yes, you heard it right!

First of all, in my experience, their UI was very simple and user-friendly. Just follow the instructions given by Payhip and you’re all set to go live.

Payhip Online Course UI

Here are some great features of the online course on Payhip:

Stunning Course Player

Payhip course player helps your students to take their course on their own account dashboard. It’s super simple and can navigate to different chapters of course easily.

Add Any Types of Content

Payhip allows you to add any type of content to your lesson it could be video, text, quizzes, downloads, surveys, assignments, or embeds. So your student can learn in many different ways.

Add Any Types of Content

Custom Branding Options

To make your online course layout even more appealing you can add your brand logo and also customize the theme color as per your requirement.

Payhip Custom Branding Options

Drip Content

This feature is very useful as it is the most needed feature for any online course. With the drip content option, you can set triggers when students can access lessons.

Payhip Drip Content

Commenting System

As we all know that user engagement matters a lot! That’s why Payhip has the feature of the commenting system with this your student can drop comments on any lessons and you can reply to build a strong relationship.

Free Preview Lesson

Did you know that most consumers believe in value? That’s why you need to give them extra value by providing free preview lessons and hook them to buy the paid course. This works really well for all course creators even worked for me. Must it out!


Payhip also has a feature to automatically generate certificates for your student. So it encourages students to complete courses in order to get a certificate.

Payhip Course Certificates

Sell Coaching

Nowadays online coaching and consultation have been growing rapidly as it allows customers to schedule appointments and get consultations from anywhere in the world.

If you sell coaching you know what are the most annoying parts about consultation. A problem such as managing to schedule, video calls from different software manually makes it super hard and time-consuming. The effective solution is the Payhip coaching feature.

Payhip Sell Coaching

With Payhip you can integrate the popular scheduling app calendly and the video calling app zoom with just a few clicks. This makes the process of scheduling and meeting quite smooth and helps you grow your coaching business.

Apart from scheduling and video call you can also share the upcoming event and communicate with your client from a single dashboard.

As you already know Payhip payment feature makes it quick to accept payments from clients who book coaching. It’s as simple as 123:)

Sell Memberships 

Did you know that building relationships with customers is the most prominent factor in selling anything?

Membership is something that is really a game changer for any business. Because if customers are ready to pay for membership then they probably gonna buy anything from you. Maybe they are your true fan.

With membership, you can create your own ecosystem and keep in touch with your customers by adding value to their life.

Payhip membership module is a complete solution to running successful membership which you can scale at any pace at any time.

Honestly speaking creating a membership site is not easy, especially for no technicals, that’s the reason Payhip has decided to make it dead simple and efficient. You don’t need to worry about user management, recurring payment, email update, or content delivery because they built this process as complete automation so you just need to set up and enjoy.

The best part about membership is that you will get recurring income every month or year so it is quite a convenient and profitable business.

So let’s see some amazing features of Payhip Membership.

Sell Multiple Plans

Payhip Sell Multiple Plans

Do you have multiple plans and pricing in your mind? Great! now you can set up multiple different plans as per your need and allow customers to choose the best they want.

Share Update With Members

Sharing updates and content regularly is the most crucial thing in running a membership. With Payhip you can keep in touch with your members and share content or files securely.

Lesser Target Content Sharing

Lesser Target Content Sharing

Payhip provides options to share content to your members-only securely. All you need to do is just upload a file or content Payhip and do the rest background work. Furthermore, if you want to share content or file with any specific user then you can share easily. This feature helps you to build trust by providing value based on users.

Free Trials

The free trial option is the most necessary thing to have before selling anything because if you add value during their trial period they will automatically consider you as their mentor and buy a premium membership. So, I highly recommend providing a free trial before pitching paid ones. Set up your free trials with Payhip and enjoy seeing your growth in the long term.

Add Any Type Of Content

You can add any type of content like video, text, images, audio, PDF, and more using the Payhip platform.

Manage Members

Members management is the primary need for any membership so it’s simple to view members, members billing history, cancel membership from your end, and much more.

Custom Billing Intervals

You can create any type of plan with custom billing intervals which you can set as monthly, weekly, or any custom interval to make it feasible for customers to buy it.

Sell Physical Products

Creating an e-commerce website is the most difficult part for many small businesses. There are great platforms available in the market but they are too costly like Shopify. That’s why many small businesses are not able to start their online store.

To solve this problem Payhip has built an online store module to help sellers sell any type of physical product at low cost or almost free.

You can sell clothing, shoes, merch, jewelry, or any other physical product with the Payhip online store.

If you have a low or no budget still you can start with Payhip and use all the features with no limit by paying a 5% transaction fee. I think it’s a no-brainer for anyone who wants to start.

Let me highlight some great features of Payhip Online Store.

Customize Online Store

Payhip Customize Online Store

You can Create and customize an online store quickly with Payhip online store builder. It comes with tons of options you just need to set as per your requirement. You can also add your branding by adding the logo and color of your choice.

Connect Your Own Domain

Payhip by default provides a unique link for your store so that anyone can visit and purchase your product. However, if you have a custom domain and want to connect it with your online store then you can do it through Payhip.

Payhip Connect Your Own Domain

Manage Your Store

With a simple user interface, Payhip gives you the freedom to manage your online store with possible options like managing products, inventory, offers, orders, and much more.

Online Store Builder

Do you find it extremely hard to build an online store? does it take too much time to make your own online store?

If yes, Payhip has a solution for you. Their online store builder is so powerful and easy to use, anyone with no technical experience can use it without any hindrance.

Payhip Online Store Builder

I personally liked their simplicity and clean interface for editing the store. However, still they can improve and add more features to make it even more powerful. And hands down they are working very hard as they constantly pushing new updates to make it happen.

Payhip store builder allows you to customize every part of your store so that you can make a beautiful and professional store with your custom branding and color scheme.

Some great features of Payhip online store builder:

Custom Domains & SSL

You can easily integrate your own custom domain to make it even more brandable and also they provide free SSL certificates to secure your store to make your customer feel comfortable while purchasing anything.

Blogging Platform

Payhip Blogging platform

Wants to take your online store to the next level? well, now you can have a blogging platform on Payhip to share the latest update, news, offers, and much more by writing a blog post. It will also help you in terms of SEO, so you should try it out.


Payhip Store Translations

If you’re worried about selling internationally this feature will certainly help you. Translation options give your customer the freedom to see content in their language. Right now they support Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish languages but they will soon add more languages.

Payment Integration

Payhip Payment Integration

No matter what you are creating during Payhip whether it could be a digital download, online course, caching, membership, or physical product you can have the option to accept payment from customers quickly and securely with the world’s most popular payment processing solutions Paypal and Stripe.

You can connect your Paypal and Stripe accounts with Payhip in a few seconds with world-class security. Once you’re done with integration you can start accepting payment internationally in any currency.

Payhip Stripe and Paypal Payment Integration

The best here is that you will get your payment in your Paypal or Stripe account instantly when customers purchase something from your store. This is why like Payhip so much.

VAT & Tax Handling

Handling taxes is a confusing and time-consuming task for any business or individual. To make this process simple Payhip came up with a great solution to manage EU & UK VAT handling automatically on their end.

This means you don’t have to worry about anything just focus on your business and marketing rest will be done by the Payhip team.

Payhip automatically detects your customer’s country if it’s UK or EU countries then it will apply the correct VAT amount to the transaction as per the country’s tax rate.

Payhip VAT & Tax Handling

Moreover, you don’t even need to report or submit the VAT amount they will do it for you and submit it to relevant tax authorities.

Apart from the EU & UK, if your customers are from other countries then you can set up individual country or state tax rates Payhip will automatically apply it to customer transactions and you can create monthly sales reports to report and submit the tax to the country tax authority.

Payhip Custom Tax Rate

Marketing Tools

You have created a beautiful store with Payhip now what? Wondering how to market it?

Well, Payhip got you covered here too. Payhip has inbuilt marketing tools to help seller increase sales and improve conversion rates without spending a single dollar on any other tools.

Payhip Marketing Tools

Let’s see what they have for you:

Coupons Code

Payhip Marketing Coupons Code

As we all know a coupon code is one of the most enticing marketing techniques to grab customers’ attention. With Payhip you can create coupons for your new customers and set coupon usage limits, expiration dates, and much more.

Affiliate System

Payhip Affiliate System

Affiliate marketing is the most powerful method to grow your sales rapidly by offering commission on sales to affiliate marketers. Payhip has a built-in affiliate system that allows you to manage your affiliate program.

Cross Selling and Upsells

Payhip Cross Selling and Upsells

Selling products to customers who already bought one from you is one of the most effective ways to increase sales. This technique is called cross-selling and upsells. Payhip has a feature where you can set up your cross and up-selling products with different conditions.

Email Marketing Integration

Email marketing is the most integral part of any business. Without email marketing, you’re missing lots of opportunities to grow your business.

Payhip Email Marketing Integration

To level up your marketing Payhip integration helps you to connect your existing email marketing tools like AWeber, Campaign Monitor, ConvertKit, Drip, Elastic Email, Email Octopus, GetResponse, MadMimi, MailChimp, MailerLite, and SendFox. And if you have any other email provider you can use Zapiar integration to connect that.

When any new customer buy products Payhip adds the email address of the customer to your mailing list automatically.

Moreover, If you don’t have your own email service provider you can use their email update system to share updates with your customers regularly.

Payhip Email Update

Payhip Plans & Pricing

Payhip Plans & Pricing

How much exactly does Payhip cost to you?

Well, their plans and pricing are still quite reasonable as compared to the features they have on their platform.

Payhip has mainly 3 different plans FREE, PLUS, and PRO. I will discuss each of these and help you decide which is best for you.

Payhip Plans & Pricing

Payhip Free Forever Plan

This is an absolutely free plan for a lifetime with all the features available in PLUS and PRO plans. However, there is one catch here, with this plan you have to pay higher transaction fees on anything that you sell.

How much is the Transaction Fee?

With the free plan, you have to pay a 5% transaction fee on your selling.

Free Plan Best for?

Well, the FREE plan is best for anyone who wants to try out Payhip or one who has no budget for premium purchases. I think a 5% transaction fee is not a problem at the beginner stage as there are fewer orders so it will not affect you more.

Free Plan Features

The best part about Payhip is that they have designed plans in a way that anyone who has no budget can start by using a free plan and still have all the features of premium or paid plans. Yes, you heard that right. There is no difference in features you gonna get an unlimited limit for product and revenue.

Payhip Plus Plan

Payhip Plus is paid plan as it does cost you 29$ per month and comes with all the features and low transaction fees as compared to that of the free plan.

How much is the Transaction Fee?

In the Plus plan, you have to pay a 2% transaction fee on your selling. Which is way lower than the free plan.

Plus Plan Best for?

Plus plan is their premium plan and it includes all the features with less transaction cost hence, it is best suited to anyone who is selling in more volume and has a budget to spend $29 per month. Of course, it’s worth spending on this plan as it will cut down your cost from transaction charges.

Plus Plan Features

You will get all the available features of this platform with unlimited limits so you will never exhaust your limit.

Payhip Pro plan

Payhip pro plans are their higher-end plan that offers even more benefits such as no transaction fees. Of course, you will get all the features and functionality to create and sell anything.

How much is the Transaction Fee?

The Pro plan comes with no transaction fee hence it’s totally free from charges on whatever you’re selling on this platform.

Plus Plan Best for?

If you’ve already established an online business or have a great customer base and want to get rid of transaction charges then this would be the best option for you.

Note: Kindly remember that payment processing charges by PayPal/Stripe are applied to transactions on all plans. It is a normal third-party cost taken by PayPal or Stripe, not by Payhip.

Payhip Customer Support

Payhip Customer Support

Payhip provides 24/7 to their customer for any queries through email. You can simply drop an email on their contact mail and they will respond to you as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, they do not offer live chat support, however, they are pretty good at supporting through email. In fact, a few times I contacted them through their email and they quickly respond and solved my queries including on weekends.

You can also reach out to them on their Twitter handle.

Apart from this, to quickly start with Payhip you can also visit their help center section where you can find tons of articles and guide on different topics including getting started, products, customers, marketing, customization, account settings, and developers.

Payhip help center

As per my personal experience, my overall experience was too good with their customer representative I tried both email and Twitter. They respond to me in quickly and solved my query.

Payhip Pros

Payhip Pros

Payhip comes with tons of features, that’s why you can see a huge list of props. However, don’t forget I have not added sub-features or some small features which are still really useful.

  • All-In-One platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can start quickly
  • Free plan option with all features of a paid plan
  • Affordable as compared to other alternatives
  • You can sell digital downloads (music, video, software, PDF, etc..)
  • You can sell physical products
  • You can sell online courses
  • You can sell membership
  • You can sell coaching
  • Automatically EU & UK VAT handling
  • Popular payment options available (PayPal and Stripe)
  • Sell anything worldwide
  • No coding skills required
  • Beautiful checkout pages
  • You are allowed to connect your custom domain for branding
  • You can embed your Payhip store checkout to the existing website
  • Instant payout to your account of your sales
  • Affiliate System feature to grow your sales
  • You can offer coupons and discounts to entice customers
  • Popular email interaction option available
  • You can customize the design
  • Translations option in multiple languages
  • You can set up cross-selling and upsells
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Great documentation
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime you want

Payhip Cons

Payhip Cons

Every platform has some cons likewise there are a few cons of Payhip that I personally found after using it.

  • The free plan comes with a 5% transaction fee which is a bit high (but you can go with a paid plan to lower transaction costs)
  • Customer support could have improved by adding a live chat option instead of email support.
  • The affiliate system contains fewer features

Overall, it can see that the pros of Payhip strongly outweigh its cons. Hence, Payhip won in Pros VS Cons.

Demo of What you can create with Payhip

Demo Of What You Can Create With Payhip

Are you wondering what you can create with Payhip?

Well, here I’m adding some examples or demos for you so that you can check out what exactly you can make with Payhip. These examples are real and they are made by creators and businesses like you and me.

Payhip Digital Downloads Demo: You can see different demos of what other people have created with Payhip.

Online Courses Demo: Visit these links to see what other creators have made their online course pages.

Coaching Demo: Visit these demos to see what you can create to sell coaching with Payhip

Membership: If you want to create a membership for your follower or customers here are the demos:)

Physical Products: Looking to sell physical products? Check out these amazing stores created by Payhip for inspiration.

Payhip Alternatives Comparison

Payhip Alternatives Comparison

As I mentioned earlier before using Payhip I had tried many different software to sell different things. But after getting to know about Payhip there was no lookback. Here I will compare some alternatives options for Payhip and probably convince you to take the Payhip path like I did:)

Keep in mind that this will be absolutely unbiased and as per my own experience after using these softwares. You gonna see my frustration here):

Payhip vs Etsy

Payhip vs. Etsy

How Payhip compares with Etsy? Well, you will your answer here. Let’s dive in!

Sell Online CourseYesNo
Sell Digital DownloadsYesNo
Sell CoachingYesNo
Sell MembershipYesNo
Sell Physical ProductsYesYes
Your BrandingYesNo
Customize Your StoreYesNo
Your ControlYesNo
Custom DomainYesNo
Marketing ToolsYesNo
Email MarketingYesNo
PricingFree & Starting at $29/monthlisting fees,
shipping fees
transaction fees
pattern fees
advertising fees
Your TurnGet Started with Winner PayhipGet Started with Etsy

Payhip vs Podia 

Payhip Vs Podia

In this section, we will see the most popular and neck-to-neck comparison to Payhip Vs. Podia.

Sell Online CourseYesYes
Sell Digital DownloadsYesYes
Sell CoachingYesYes
Sell MembershipYesYes
Sell Physical ProductsYesNo
Your BrandingYesYes
Customize Your StoreYesYes
Your ControlYesYes
Custom DomainYesYes
Marketing ToolsYesYes
Email MarketingYesYes
Transaction Fee5% Transaction fee8% Transaction fee
Unlimited Feature With Free PlanYesNo
PricingFree & Starting at $29/monthFree & Starting at $33/month
Your TurnGet Started with Winner PayhipGet Started with Podia

Payhip vs Gumroad

Payhip Vs Gumroad

Again gumroad is the most popular competitor to Payhip. Let’s see what it has to offer as compared to Payhip.

Sell Online CourseYesYes
Sell Digital DownloadsYesYes
Sell CoachingYesYes
Sell MembershipYesYes
Sell Physical ProductsYesYes
Your BrandingYesYes
Customize Your StoreYesYes
Your ControlYesYes
Custom DomainYesYes
Marketing ToolsYesYes
Email MarketingYesYes
Instant PayoutYesNo
Transaction Fee5% Transaction fee9% Transaction fee
PricingFree & Starting at $29/monthFree
Your TurnGet Started with Winner PayhipGet Started with Loser Gumroad

Frequently Asked Questions About Payhip

Frequently Asked Questions About Payhip
What is the use of Payhip?

Payhip is the ultimate software platform to sell online without having coding skills. You can sell digital or physical products or services, courses, memberships, and more. It’s just simple as ABC.

Is Payhip free?

Yes, you can use Payhip for a free lifetime with all the features of this platform. However, They charge 5% transaction fees on a free account as compared to 2% for a paid account.

How much does Payhip cost?

Payhip pricing starts at $29 per month for their PLUS plan, whereas the PRO plan costs you $99 per month.

Is Payhip legit?

Yes absolutely, Payhip is a legit platform that allows you to sell online. However, of course, you can not sell some restricted products on this platform.

Does Payhip provide a payment facility?

Yes, with Payhip you can start accepting payments with popular payment platforms like PayPal and Stripe.

Does Payhip charge a transaction fee?

Yes, Paypal charges transaction fees of just 2% with their paid plans. However, with their free plan, you have to pay a 5% transaction fee.

How Payhip provides customer support?

Unfortunately, Payhip does not offer live chat support but you can contact them on their contact email they will solve your queries there. Also, you can tag them on Twitter and ask your questions.

Can you sell online courses on Payhip?

Yes, you can sell online courses on Payhip with lots of other features including default payment processing, email marketing integration, and other marketing tools.

Can you sell membership on Payhip?

Yes, Payhip offers a powerful platform to sell membership to your customers with recurring payments and regular update support. You don’t require coding skills to do anything it offers everything including landing page creation, email update, payment, and much more.

Can you sell physical products on Payhip?

Yes, you can sell physical products on Payhip by creating an online store. It offers quick checkout and payment options to sell anything online.

How many products upload Payhip support?

Payhip supports unlimited products upload so you don’t need to worry about space just focus on marketing your product.

Does Payhip provide taxes option?

Yes, Payhip supports taxes option including UK and EU automatic VAT taxes and custom taxes based on different countries or states. For UK and EU customers they will automatically detect and apply taxes without any hurdles to your business.

Can you connect a custom domain to Payhip online store?

Yes, Payhip allows you to connect your custom domain to your online store. It also offers a free SSL certificate to secure your store.

Final Verdict: Is Payhip Really Worth it?

Frequently Asked Questions About Payhip

After using many different software I would say Payhip has an extra edge as it offers a complete solution for anyone who wants to sell anything online.

After spending a huge budget on different software I felt that Payhip is quite a budget-friendly solution. One can start using their free version and once they like it they can upgrade to premium which is also very affordable.

Apart from pricing, their platform is also very user-friendly and any nontechnical person can start creating quickly without any hurdles.

Overall, I would rate this platform 4.8 out of 5 by considering many factors including features, pricing, additional features, user-friendliness, and support.

Still confused? don’t take my word, visit here to check their customer review.

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