Rankraft: The Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

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Digital marketing trends keep on changing like anything else. Though some of these trends keep coming and going without being noticed by most people, many of them end up becoming permanent fixtures in the stock.

This is because most digital marketing trends come in the form of reactions to new technologies or new consumer behaviors. This means they fulfill the need that is just arising.

For instance, when mobile marketing started booming, it was a direct reaction to the dramatic increase in smartphone use which happened over the past few years. This was especially seen among consumers who use their devices to shop or do product research.

There are many small businesses that are not using digital marketing but need to understand the importance of it. Digital marketing helps businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape and create their mark.

But being an owner of the small business, managing everything won’t be possible. Therefore, digital marketing agencies such as Rankraft are always available to help you.

Rankraft – Your Digital Marketing Assistant

Rankraft – Your Digital Marketing Assistant

Though being around in the market for a very short time, Rankraft has made its name globally. Their team of digital experts has years of experience in the industry. They are always tracking the changes in the digital marketing industry and planning for their projects accordingly. When they take a project in hand, they ensure to make it successful by taking great efforts. All the plans and strategies are always shared with you to keep transparency.

Rankraft Digital Marketing Services

Let’s check the digital marketing services in India offered by Rankraft.

Rankraft Digital Marketing Services


In SEO, they concentrate on generating leads and sales for you. Finding the keywords to the searcher’s intent is what they do. Website optimization is done by taking into consideration all the protocols of search engines for improving its search engine ranking.

  • Professional SEO
  • Website SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building


  • Social Media Marketing

With social media marketing services, you can maintain rich connections with a large number of people. Their team knows the way to create brand awareness among genuine networks. They design the campaigns properly and execute those by considering all your aspects. The benefit here is that you don’t have to worry about managing different platforms as they do it for you.

  • Paid Ad Campaign

Prior to investing in something, you should think twice. But with Rankraft, they know the value of each penny you spend on your marketing. Their experts know where to spend and how much to spend on building your Ad campaigns. Your every investment can change your business, and they try hard to make it a valuable one.

  • Email Marketing

They create authentic and honest messages for your relevant clients. Their email marketing team helps to make your one to one conversation with your clients more fruitful. They help you to engage and make understand your clients their importance to you. Additionally, clear messages improve your business building strategy. 


  • Content Writing

Each word in the content offered by them is valuable. Their creative content writers tailor their thoughts to your business. Therefore, the content helps in bringing conversions. Your products or services are given a fresh outlook with the content to attract SEO.

  • Graphic Designing

The audience visits your site increase due to creative posts and news as compared to the regular ones. Since the logo represents your brand, it is designed to make unique. They also create attractive banners, social media posts, packaging designs, etc. for you. Offering premium and attractive designs to their customers is what they aim at.

Web Analytics

  • Heatmap Tool

With the Heatmap, you get to learn the requirements of your customers. You can know the pages on which visitors are spending their maximum time. The heatmaps also help to know your visitors’ psychology about your website. This colorful information can be used to redesign your goals and achieve your desired target.

  • Google Analytics

In web analytics, performance measurement of your business is done. You should have an idea about the actions visitors are taking when on your website. They explain to you the data and guide you for the next steps.

Rankraft Team’s Workflow:

Hear From You: They hear from you about your business and niche.

Understanding: A discussion is done with their team members for planning a strategy for your business.

Brainstorming: After your approval, they perform research for fruitful outcomes.

Campaigns and KPI’s: Once they collect all the materials, they plan some campaigns and their strategy.

Screening: They share all the rough work done for your project and ask for your suggestions. This keeps both parties on the same page.

Confirmation from the Client: After the discussion, they wait for your confirmation.

Content finalization and Scheduling: They give a final touch to their rough work. Your content is scheduled for publishing.

Rankraft: The Best Digital Marketing Agency For Your Small Business

Execution of the Campaign: After scheduling the content, campaigns are executed to create a buzz about your business.

Analyzing and Reporting: The working of your campaign is analyzed after a few months and the results are measured. You get a complete report for the campaign’s performance.

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Rankraft plays a key role in marketing your business. You get all the services of digital marketing under one roof with them. So, why wait? Just give them a call and handle your business’s marketing to them.

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