How to Start a Blog in 2022 From Scratch With WordPress [in 30 Minutes]

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Are you looking for a guide to learn how to start a blog with WordPress?

If yes, then it’s your life-changing decision.

Hey, I’m Sahil. I’ve been blogging for 4+ years and love to scale up my blogs to make more money.

When I started my first ever blog, I remember there was no proper guide that helps to start a blog step by step. Luckily for you, I’m here to teach you how to start a blog in 2022 from scratch that makes money.

This guide helps those people who want to start a food blog, fashion blog, personal finance blog, lifestyle blog, tech blog, small and large business blog, shop blog, or anything else.

I’ll try my best to explain each step that you need as a beginner blogger. But you need to focus on every single line that written here, as it contains a lot of value toward your online money-making success.

If you know the basics of blogging, then you can directly jump to the first step.

Go to Step #1 Select profitable blogging niche

How to Start a Blog Step by Step for Beginners

Learn how to start a blog with WordPress from scratch in 10 simple steps.

  1. Select profitable blogging niche
  2. Choose Perfect domain for your blog
  3. Get best web hosting
  4. Set up a blog on WordPress
  5. Pick the best WordPress theme to design your blog
  6. Install required plugins on your blog
  7. Write your first blog post
  8. Submit your blog to search engines & analytics
  9. Promote Your Blog On Social Media & Other Channels
  10. Monetize Blog & make money

Let’s explore some basics of blogging and what are the benefits of blogging. Before you jump into steps.

Benefits of Starting A Blog In 2022

Do you want to spread your word around the world?

Do you want people to follow you and follow your instructions?

Do you want people to buy your recommended product or services?

Do you want to earn money online?

If yes, then you have a beautiful way to express your knowledge with the world. 


that is “blogging.”

Blogging makes your dream life and popularity in your area of interest.

Just what you need is follow your passion and write down it in the form of blog post people around the world can read it, understand it & share it with others. Sounds amazing?

Not only that,

Bloggers are making thousands of dollars per month by following their passions.

It depends on your hard work + smart work + dedication towards your blog.

Do you know in blogging there is no limit to your earnings?

Yes, guys, that’s 100% true. Once you start a blog with some good strategy and tactics, then in a short period, you’re able to make a significant amount while you’re doing full-time jobs. Isn’t it good?

Most of the bloggers starting a blog when they’re doing a full-time job and taking blogging as part-time. After some months or a year, once making sufficient money, they leave boring 9-5 jobs and take blogging as a full-time as a business.

Just think how good it is No 9-5 jobs, No Boss, No much pressure.

Yes, you can take blogging as a business and scale it accordingly. just what you need is one proper guidance. which guides you in the blogging journey. and luckily you found the right mentor at the right time that’s me:) haha.

Let’s come to the point and dive into the benefits of starting a blog today.

  • It’s straightforward, quick & less costly:)
  • Quickly becomes popular by providing excellent and useful content.
  • Big money in blogging if you have the right audience.
  • Share your own experience and expertise with the whole world like me, haha.
  • Own identity on the Internet in this digital era.
  • Multiple-way to make a profitable blog.
  • Become an entrepreneur.
  • Be your own boss! (my favorite)

Okay, now I think you’ve loaded yourself with some motivation to start your new business.

So, are you excited to take actionable steps towards blogging?

Of course, yes right? that’s why you’re here.?

Let’s start with the very first step in selecting a niche.

1. Select profitable blogging niche

Select Profitable Blogging Niche

First of all, you need to understand what is a niche?

So, the simple answer – niche is just like a topic of your blog in which you’ll share your content.

Niche selection is one of the main steps that either make your blogging career or break it.

See, don’t worry, and I’m here to help you and guide you on how to select a profitable niche for blogging.

Niche selection becomes super easy if you follow some basic processes. Keep in mind niche must be profitable so you can make money from it.

Let me give you a visual representation of profitable niche selection.

Profitable Niche Selection

As you can see above visual, you need to research at least about these three things.


  • Find out some similar blogs in your niche and check traffic.
  • Check google trends of your niche & around topics.
  • Find out the potential audience.

This is the first and vital aspect that you need to look for before picking any niche.

Suppose if you choose any niche and write some useful content by spending your quality time, but unluckily what if there are no readers to read it. (I mean no one is interested to read in your niche)

Of course, all your efforts went waste, and you got nothing.

That is the reason you need to research trends and the potential audience who likely interested in reading your content.

Monetization methods

  • Find out the way to make money in your niche.
  • Check for ad networks that allow serving ads in your niche. (Like Google Adsense)
  • Find a good affiliate program.

Think about what if your blog has thousands of visitors who read your content every month but no monetization method out there.

It’s worthless, am I correct?

That’s the reason why always first check out monetization methods available in your topic or niche.

You need to find out what’s your audience likely to purchase or buy through your blog.

It might be anything like affiliates product, advertising network ads, self product, paid courses, etc.

Your Interest

  • In which topic or niche you’re able to write by your bottom of the heart.
  • Find out your area of interest?
  • Find out which topic you love to do research.

Your Interest in your niche plays a vital role. If you go against your area of Interest, then for sure, you’ll fail in blogging in a short time.

I saw many bloggers who start their blog and shot down it in a very short time because they had no idea what to do and how to write content in a specific niche.

For example, if you like to do the cooking, then choose cooking and recipes niche, for fashion lovers can start a fashion blog and many more.

So, if you follow your passion, then you will succeed!

Best niche ideas

  • Cooking & Recipes
  • Traveling
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Gadgets and Technology
  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Personal Finance
  • Pets
  • Self-Improvement
  • Programming

You can choose any niche from the above list in which you are interested and start a blog accordingly.

I think now you have a better idea of how to select a profitable niche to start your blog today.

Yes, it’s a very crucial step to select a niche for the topic first because if you can’t pick it, then how do you choose a perfect domain name for your blog?

See, this given step about how to start a blog is connected to the next steps other, so you need to implement it simultaneously while reading each step.

So, now I hope you’ve decided a niche in your mind. Let’s move to select a domain name for your blog.

2. Choose Perfect domain for your blog

Choose Perfect Domain For Your Blog

A domain name is your blog’s identity on the internet. It used to find out any website or web page over the internet. Every blog or website have their unique domain name.

For example:

  • (This is mine)

So, any user or visitors can easily reach my blog by typing your domain name in any browser.

When I was started my first blog in 2015, I made some mistakes in choosing a domain name; that’s why I shut-down that blog and started a new blog.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help you. So you’ll don’t repeat that mistake.

Selecting a domain name isn’t hard, but you need to consider some points when choosing a domain name.

Point to remember while selecting a domain name

Here are some tips for selecting a perfect domain name for your blog.

Try to Keep it Short & Easy to Remember: Try to choose a short domain name so users or visitors can easily remember your domain name and keep visiting your blog. It should be no more then two words(if possible).
For example: if you see my blog domain name blogging sky, looking simple & memorable? Of course, yes. So you also need to pick a domain name according to your niche.
For example: if you’re in a cooking niche, you can choose a domain name like (, in short; You can select domain name as per your need and availability of domain name.

Use Niche Keyword or Use the Brand Name (if Business): If you’re thinking of starting a blog in the specific niche, then use a niche topic keyword in the domain name.
For example: if your niche is about fashion, then you can add a “fashion” keyword in the domain name; of course, it helps in SEO a little bit and to gaining topic trust in the eye on visitors or users.

Don’t Make it Complicated by Adding Number: this point is related with the first point because, as I told you earlier, don’t make it complicated keep it short and memorable so if you’re using Number inside domain name it doesn’t look professional and of course not easy to remember.
for example: (right) (wrong)

Make Sure It’s Easy to Spell & Pronounce: If your domain name is easy to spell and pronounce, chances are more to get more traffic by your audience referral. Once you start adding valuable content then your audience can quickly tell domain name to other so, in-short you’ll get more potential customer.
To find the best domain name, you can write your specific domain name on paper and ask your friends to pronounce it. If the majority of them fail to pronounce it, then you should try another one.

Use TLD(Top Level Domain) Domain like .com, .net: always try to use the top-level domain. .com is one of the most popular domain extensions so. It’s good to go with it.
.com is used globally. So that you can target all countries in the world.
My advice: first check for .com if it’s not available then you can try other like .net.

I think now you are clear about choosing a domain name.

Just think domain name in your mind, and we will book your domain name in the next step directly with hosting. (Don’t forget to read next step properly)

A domain name is just a virtual name of your website. It’s a human-readable version of the website IP-address. The domain is easy to understand and memorable.
for example:
Like this, you have to choose your own blog’s domain name.

A domain name is not costly; it’s just cost you $10-$15 per year. however price varies on the basis of domain extension like .com, .net, .org.
My strong recommendation is to choose .com

Yes, you can change the domain name of your blog later. You need to buy a new domain name(cost you $10-$12/year). But it’s better if you read this step of choosing domain name, so select perfect domain from starting of your blog.

3. Get best web hosting

Get Best Web Hosting to start a blog

Web hosting plays an essential role in the success of any blog.

After choosing a domain name, it’s time to get reliable web hosting to get your blog live over the internet.

Many blogs guide you about how to start a blog, but they recommend you wrong web hosting that either break your website or breach your secure data. But I decided to help you in choosing the best web hosting for WordPress in the world, which is “SiteGround”.

Don’t worry i’m with you at every stage to start a blog.

Web hosting is a service that allows you to store your blog or website data like images, blog posts & pages. So, whenever anyone types your domain name in browser URL, it’ll serve your blog data to that visitor. In-short it’s way to access your blog all around the world through the internet. It’s like a hard disk of your computer, but it’s located somewhere and responds to every request of your users.

Web hosting generally cost you $3-$5 per month. siteground web hosting costs $3.95/mo with top-notch features and security.

So, now you know what web hosting is. It’s time to move on to buy your web hosting.

WordPress is the #1 platform for blogs or CMS (content management system). To start a blog with WordPress, you need the best hosting, and that hosting provider is “SiteGround”.

SiteGround is one of the top web hosting providers in the WordPress blog industry. They are offering blog hosting services from “15+ years”. So, they know all the WordPress internal issues and security stuff. The main thing about SiteGround is “customer support.” if you stuck anywhere and you face any problem in your blog, you can log in to your hosting account and live chat with their hosting experts 24/7.

Now, let me give you proof of SiteGround.

WordPress Recommend SiteGround Hosting

See the above screenshot is taken from WordPress official site. they recommend siteground hosting for a blog.

Now, let’s see some social proof of what customers give feedback about SiteGround hosting. This screenshot is taken from multiple bloggers facebook groups Poll.

Facegook Group Hosting Poll Proof 1
Facegook Group Hosting Poll Proof 2
Facegook Group Hosting Poll Proof 3

If you saw given facebook poll screenshot, you got your answer why bloggers love the SiteGround.

It’s dominating in hosting industry because they provide quality hosting, so your blog will never go down anytime, anywhere.

When I started my first ever blog at that time, I tried a 3-5 web hosting provider, but the main issues I got there are that they don’t offer good hosting and customer support. Then in 2019, I come to know about siteground hosting, and I bought a GrowBig plan for two years. see billing receipt attached below:)

Siteground Hosting Billing Invoice

I never recommend anything without using. i’m being very transparent guy. (So you will get many blogging inside strategies in future! haha☺️)

Okay, so let’s quickly get your domain and hosting from SiteGround.

Get Domain & Hosting for your blog

Please follow these steps correctly to get domain name & hosting without any mistakes.

Step 1: -> Click here to jump into SiteGround

Now, you’re on SiteGround official site, and you can see different plans with great features.

Step 2: Choose your plan

Choose any hosting plans for your blog

Here, you need to select your hosting plans I strongly recommend you to get “GrowBig” plan. It has many features and very affordable too. With the GrowBig plan, you can host multiple blogs or websites. It means once you learn how to start a blog, then in the future, if you want to create or start another blog, you can easily add it for free. Additionally, in this plan, you can also get dynamic caching for better speed, free backup & site transfer.

If you have a low budget and you want to create one blog now, then you can pick the “StartUp” Plan.

Click on “GET PLAN” button.

Step 3: Pick your Domain Name

Now, you’re on the domain registration page, so it’s time to get your blog’s domain name.

Register Your Domain Name

As I already taught you how to choose the perfect domain name. so you can easily register one for your blog. if you haven’t read it well then check our here how to choose a domain name then continue from here.

Enter any domain name that you’ve in your mind. for example mine domain name is

You can also use your name as a domain name. For example, if your name is Alex brown, then you can use like this.

If it shows this message, “The domain name you have chosen is not available. Please try a new domain name search in the domain name box above.” then you can try another domain name. Once the domain is available, it will redirect you to the final account page.

I hope you have completed this step.

Step 4: Fill Account Information

Fill your SiteGround Account Information

Fill out your hosting account information.

Step 5: Enter Your Payment Information

Enter Your Payment Information

Enter your billing information to get domain and hosting.

Step 6: Select Hosting Server Location & Billing Term

Select Hosting Server Location & Billing Term

Here select the data center location which is nearby your country. You will have four options USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore.

I recommend choosing the USA for better performance.

Then you have the option to select your hosting period or subscription. I suggest selecting a 12-months plan.

In Extra Services, domain registration already selected, and you can see the other two option domain privacy and SG site scanner. Don’t select those two options as it does not too essential, but if you want to hide your domain account information, then you can choose domain privacy.

Step 7: Confirm Terms & Conditions and click on “Pay Now”

Confirm Terms & conditions and click on "Pay Now"

You have to confirm terms and conditions and then click on the pay now button it will proceed payment and once done. You’ll get one mail with the SiteGround billing invoice.

Hurray! it’s time for quick celebration ?

You’ve successfully completed an important step in starting a blog now you need to set up your blog with WordPress that we’ll discuss in next section so keep reading:)

Please complete the first 3 steps if you haven’t done yet. because if you get your domain and hosting then you’re able to set up your blog so it’s necessary. get your hosting and here.

Okay, let’s move to set up your blog.

4. Set up a blog on WordPress

Set Up A Blog On WordPress

First of all, congrats, you’re just a few steps away to make your brand new blog live over the internet. Once you follow the below-given step, your primary WordPress blog will accessible by anyone in the world.

Starting a WordPress blog with a siteground is not hard. It just takes a few clicks to fly your blog over the air.

Premium hosting provider like SiteGround provides 1-click WordPress installation, so you don’t need to set up it manually.

Are you excited to launch your first ever blog?

Say loudly, yes! Haha. it’s fun guys?

Set Up WordPress Blog (Step by Step Guide)

Step 1: Login to SiteGround hosting account

If you have still not purchased SiteGround hosting, then get it for you now. Click here to know how to get.

Once you’re logged in, you can see this type of dashboard.

siteground hosting dashboard

Click on “websites” from the navigation bar.

Now you have the option to add a “NEW WEBSITE”, so click on it.

Step 2: Select Existing Domain option & Enter your domain name

Click on Existing domain and enter your blog domain name

Enter your blog domain name and click on continue for further process.

Select WordPress Installation

Click on start new website & select WordPress as a platform.

Step 3: Set WordPress Admin email & password

Set WordPress Admin email & password

Set your WordPress admin email and password, use your email and enter a strong password so no one can break it.

Click on continue, and it will take just a few seconds to install WordPress for you.

Blog WordPress Installation

Once it has done, you can see this type of message You Are All Set!

WordPress Installtion Completed

You’ll also get one email from siteground on your registered email about your website is at SiteGround.

That’s all! It’s done. Your site is now live! Check it out now.

If you’re facing any difficulties while installing WordPress or you’re getting any error message, you can contact their customer support by navigating to “?”(question mark help symbol located at the top)-> View Help Center-> contact us->Technical Assistance-> select your issue(WordPress Assistance)->Select your website & enter Inquiry details-> choose LIVE chat option.

Almost work done here! But you also need to do some additional settings like Installing SSL certificate, enable caching. If you’re not aware of this, then you must read the given guide.

Install SSL Certificate To Your Blog

SSL certificate is secure technology used to encrypt your connection and data between server and browser. SSL certificate add S to Http:// so it becomes https:// , here ‘s’ denoted secure.

You might have seen some time http:// or https:// while browsing any website.
http:// means your data is not secure when you were browsing any site.
To avoid this, we need to install an SSL certificate on the website or blog.

For example: if you check on my website blogging sky, you can see a “small lock” icon in the URL bar. So when you click on that, you see “connection is secure.”

Blog SSL certificate

Doubt clear?

SiteGround provides an SSL certificate for free with hosting purchase. So, you don’t need to buy it additionally.

To install SSL on your blog just follow the given instruction.

  1. Go to Websites-> Site Tools-> Security-> SSL Manager.
  2. Select Let’s Encrypt SSL
Install SSL Certificate To Your Blog

When it successfully installed it shows you active in manage the SSL section.

SSL installed

Enable Caching on Blog

Caching is a mechanism to store website data temporarily, so when user browser request for website data, it will quickly deliver.

The caching mechanism helps a lot in blog performance optimization.

SiteGround has a tremendous caching option so you can easily cache your site data.

SiteGround offers three caching options.

  • NGINX content delivery
  • Dynamic Cache
  • Memcached

Here’s how you can enable it.

Enable NGINX content delivery on your blog
Enable Memcached on your blog

If you follow all the above stuff, then you’re almost done with installation stuff, so it’s time to get started with WordPress Admin.

How to Login into WordPress Admin Panel

If you don’t know what WordPress admin panel is, then let me tell you it’s the dashboard from where you can handle your whole website front-end( i mean visitor part of your website) without doing any coding.

You can easily manage your blog with just a few clicks. WordPress gives a bunch of menus for a different type of functionality.

Let’s see how you will log in to your blog admin panel to manage your blog.

Go to Websites-> Site Tools-> WordPress-> Install & Manage.

Blog WordPress Admin Panel


Use URL like this:

Note: Here,, you need to replace it with your actual domain name, and others remain the same. (bookmark it right now)

Now you’ll be redirected on the WordPress admin login page. Here, you have to enter your email and password which you entered at the time of installation of WordPress.

WordPress Admin Login Page

Once you are successfully logged in, you can see a dashboard like this.

Blog WordPress Dashboard

Now, you’re able to manage your blog with the admin panel. So let’s do basic WordPress settings.

Basic Blog Settings

There are many options in WordPress, and you can easily use it because it’s easy to use and understand. However, there are some necessary settings that you must do.

Here, I have given the two most important settings.

If you’re to blog or website, then surely you don’t have ever heard about permalink words.

Wait… wait… I will explain it to you.

Permalink is just the URL of your website.

You have to set up this permalink structure for better SEO. it will help you in the longer term.

It’s not too hard to set. Take a few clicks.

In the WordPress dashboard, Go to Settings->Permalinks and adjust the permalink structure.

How to Change WordPress Blog Permalink Settings (URL)?

Choose the format given in the above image and click on save changes.

After installing WordPress, your blog site title, and tagline, you have to set as per your idea.

The site title is just a title of your blog, which can be visible as a title in search engines like google. Generally, the site title is the same as your domain name.

The tagline is like a short introduction about your site. It conveys a good impact on your visitors. You can write a simple motto as per your niche and business.

To change site title & tagline, you need to follow given instructions.

To set site title & tagline, go to the Settings-> General.

How to set your Blog site title & tagline?

Here your blog basic settings done. Now, it’s time to dive into design your blog with the best theme.

5. Pick the best WordPress theme to design your blog

Pick The Best WordPress Theme To Design Your Blog

After your WordPress blog set up on hosting. Its turn to do some fun with designing a blog.

Every step includes in starting a blog is very important, so you need to take care of each step correctly.

Selecting the right theme is a very crucial aspect because it defines your blog quality to your visitors.

Why is Selecting Right Theme so important?

  • For Better UI & UX
  • Getting users attention
  • For Better Loading Speed

As I’ve spent more than four years in this field of blogging, I know what’s work and what’s not. For blogs or websites, the design of your web pages affects a lot to your business either negatively or positively. So, keep in mind and read this section with an open mind and get started with the perfect theme for your blog.

There are many WordPress themes available in the market, but you need to look for some main things before choosing a theme.

Things to remember when while selecting theme

  • It should be Secure & Stable.
  • It must be smaller in size(lightweight)
  • Make sure it’s Search Engine Optimized.
  • must be responsive in all devices.

In WordPress, there are two types of themes. Free themes and premium themes.

As the name suggests, a free theme is free, and a premium theme is paid. Of course, more features and customization available in a premium theme.

But if you’re starting a new blog and I knew some of you have a low budget, so I advise you to go with free themes. It’s a better option. Once you’re getting more visitors on the blog and you’re able to generate some income from your blog, then you can jump to a premium theme.

However, I will give you here both types of theme options, so if you had a good budget and had thought of longer vision, then you may choose given premium themes.

Best Free & Paid theme to start your blog

Here given two themes are also available in free version & premium version, and I am using these two themes on many blogs.

Free Version Themes

GeneratePress – The GeneratePress theme is very lightweight. It’s secure, stable, SEO optimized, page builder friendly. GeneratePress free version has some limited access to customization and more.

Astra – Astra is the fastest, fully customized theme. it’s lightweight less than 50kb and search engine friendly. Astra theme free version has fewer features than the premium version.

Premium Version Themes

I’m using the GeneratePress Premium theme on this Blogging Sky blog.

GeneratePress Premium – GeneratePress Premium comes with many customizations to your blog color, typography, layout. More than 60,000+ WordPress users used the premium version (Me also:). It cost you just $47 for one year of updates with a license key.

Astra Pro – Astra Pro is also a great theme that I’m using on my other blogs. In the pro version, you can customize more design of your blog. Price of star pro starting at $47 per year.

You can choose any one theme either free or paid as per your budget.

Let’s see how to install the theme on your blog.

Install Theme on your WordPress Blog

Go to the Appearance-> Themes.

1) Click on add new button add new theme.

Add New Theme on Your Blog

2) Click on the “Upload Theme” button and upload the theme zip file.

Upload Theme file


Search any theme for example: “generatepress”

Search for theme

Lastly, select a theme and install it on your blog.

Once your installation success now, it’s time to customize your theme as per your need.

Customize blog theme

The customization of design is very easy in WordPress. No coding is required; you can customize the site with simple options.

To Customize Click on Appearance-> Customize.

Now you can customize your theme design like color, layout, typography, etc.

After setting up theme. we moving to get some essential plugin for your blog that actually helps you in doing blogging.

6. Install required plugins on your blog

Install Required Plugins On Your Blog

The plugin is an essential thing in WordPress. Without a plugin, you have to do all the tasks manually. Plugins are the backbone of the WordPress platform.

Plugins can do many things on automation. of course, with a plugin, your blogging journey becomes more comfortable as it provides more facilities to do complex functionalities.

At the starting of the blog, you just need some required plugin that every blogger must-have.

Here is a must-have plugin to start a blog.

1. Yoast SEO: If you want to drive more FREE traffic from Google, then you should do SEO, and for best SEO optimization Yoast SEO is one the best WordPress plugin out there. It helps you to optimize your blog post, title, meta description, etc.

2. Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads: People always love the excellent design that attracts the eye. And it’ll increase sales, conversion & lead. Thrive Architect and lead both are the product of thrive themes which help you to increase your audience, and you can sell many products like your course, other affiliate product. If you don’t have enough budget, then you might skip this plugin to buy and install. And if you’re ready to purchase this, then don’t buy it individually. I strongly suggest you get “Thrive Membership”, which gives you ten awesome plugins.

3. Imagify: To speed up your website speed, you should compress blog post images. imagify do it automatically when uploading an image. It compresses images without quality loss.

4. WP Rocket: WP Rocket minify your blog files and cache your pages to serve pages faster to your visitors. There are many other features in the WP rocket, but it’s paid plugin, so if you don’t have a budget, then you may skip this.

5. Social Warfare: Social warfare is the best social sharing plugin for WordPress blog. I’m also using this plugin on this blog, and it works very well for me. It helps your audience to share your post quickly.

6. Insert Headers and Footers: Sometimes it’s might required to paste verification code to your blog theme header. For example, to verify google webmaster, google analytics. And if you’re from a non-technical background, then it’s a headache for you even if you do something wrong in code, then it might create further issues. So, it’s better to install this plugin to add any additional code easily.

So, these are the required plugins for your new blog. It includes free and paid both plugins if you have a limited budget then you may skip paid ones.

The plugin is a small piece of software code that helps you perform some functionality on your WordPress site. All WordPress blogs have plugins installed because some functionality you’re not able to do with WordPress default.

Installing plugins in WordPress is super easy. Just a few clicks and done!

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Plugins-> Add New
  3. Now, upload plugin file or search for the plugin and “install now”
  4. Once it installed, then click on the “Activate Plugin” button and it’s activated now.

7. Write your first blog post

Write Your First Blog Post

Great! You have done almost every step to start a blog, and now you’re very close to writing down your first blog post to share your value on the internet.

To make your blog post success and reach more people, you should follow these steps that every blogger following.

Steps to Find Blog Post Topic

Here I’ll walk you through the exact process that I used to write my blog post.

This process is very crucial. Your blog post success only depends on these steps because of what meaning if no one can reach out to your post, and you’ll get nothing from it.

This Process you must follow because,

  • To get a higher rank on google.
  • Get more ideas about your blog post.
  • To outrank your competitors.
  • To get more traffic.
  • To make money from a blog

See this all steps that I have written here to start a blog are interconnected with each other sequentially. Because if you remember, I told you in the very first step that you have to have your blog niche or topic first to start a blog. If you have chosen that, then you can quickly now brainstorm your blog post research in a specific niche.

Step #1: Find out initial 5-10 Keywords in your Niche(visit competitors website for topics)

If you follow your area of interest, then you might quickly know some topics for your blog niche. But if you don’t know, then let me explain to you with a straightforward example.

For Example: if your blog niche is about “smartwatch.” So, you have some keywords like “best smartwatch”, “best smartwatch for men”, “best smartwatch for android”, “best smartwatch under $200”. Like this, you have your specific niche and your keyword around your niche.

Now, once you have some keyword in your mind, so as a beginner, some blogger starts writing content on them, but wait, you need to understand what user intent is?

For example, if the keyword is “best smartwatch for men,” then what do you think people buying it, and you’ll get the very high conversion? No, you’re wrong.

No doubt if your website ranks on the top of google then you might get good conversion or sale of a smartwatch that you recommend.

but but but…

What if you were writing a blog post on this keyword “best smartwatch under $200”?

Do you think it has more possibility of selling smartwatch under $200?

Well, don’t overthink your answer should be yes. a big yes

The reason behind this is men who are interested in a smartwatch and looking for the smartwatch in the range under $200 which means, He has already decided to buy a watch with a specific range and have the same amount to spend. So, now you can write genuine pieces of articles or blog posts around it and promote tons of smartwatches under $200, and you will get many sales.

You have to think keyword in your niche. Think like your end-user who is looking for a specific keyword or some information.

Now, this step might you understood correctly. Let’s take a look at the next step.

Step #2: Check out Traffic Volume, Competition & more

At this step, you need to check specific keyword search traffic? How hard is the competition to rank in search engines, from which country people searching?

For this, you have to use one of the best tools that every blogger, marketer, and even big companies are using to getting success in this online world.

That tool is “SEMrush”

You can grab a free trial of this fantastic tool and start using it.

Just start FREE trial now and start doing keyword research with semrush and discover amazing features of that.

-> Click here to Start SEMrush FREE Trial

Once you sign up for a free trial, you’re able to access SEMrush tool all features, and you can quickly discover more keyword opportunities.

Now, you can add your keywords in the search box and find stats of that keyword.

For example: if we continue our previous keyword example, then you can see this type of data in the semrush report.

SEMrush Keyword Research

Now, just look at the screenshot above.

Once you search for any specific keywords, you can see particular keyword data with many insights. It shows you the volume of keywords by country, global volume, Keyword Difficulties, trends, and many more.

Keyword research is a very long process, so you need to go inside with this tool and do more and more research to find low hanging fruit.

In the sidebar, many features you can see. Domain analytics and keyword analytics are essential for you to at this time.

Step #3: Pick Low Competition Keywords with Good Volume

First of all, let me tell you, please implement step by step what I am explaining here. So once you sign up for SEMrush, then you’re able to do some excellent research with it, and you are getting many ideas automatically.

So, the thing is once you one by one check your keyword in this tool, then you can filter out your low competition keywords with the right amount of traffic.

Now, it’s time to give you some bonus tips that help you to find out the best topic and keyword ideas.

  • Always find out Long-tail keywords and low competition.
  • Visit your competitor’s blog in your niche.
  • See what they do and what works well.
  • Try topics in which you’ve more expertise.

I think now you are clear about come up with some initial keyword.

One other most important thing that you should keep in mind is your blog topic priority. Which post comes first and last. Every blog post of your blog correlated with any other post.

How to Write your First Blog Post?

Once you come up with a blog post topic in mind, it’s easy to start writing your first ever blog post.

Let me show you how to write your first blog post in WordPress.

Go to Posts-> Add New

Add New Post in WordPress

Now, you’re seeing a blank post page like this.

Add New Blog Post Page

Write Attractive Blog Post Title

Blog Title must be very effective to grab user attention.

You should also optimize your blog post title for SEO. So, search engines like Google crawlers can easily understand what’s blog topic is about?

Here, I’ve given an example of “Best Smart Watch for men,” and I have written a clear and compelling title.

Write Attractive Blog Post Title

After writing a good headline, it’s also your responsibility to provide genuine and relevant content according to your blog post title.

Why because once anyone comes to your blog post by seeing your title but if they don’t get any value from your article, then it’s worthless, and they never come to your blog again.

In-short put your whole effort into writing content and put as many values as possible, so your visitor became your fan.?

It’s time to Get some BONUS TIPS to optimize your blog post.

  • Add the main target keyword in the blog post title. Try to add it on the very first part of the title
  • Use Numbers and Power words in the title to get more attention. For example, “10 Best Smartwatch for Men in 2022”, where 10 is a number of smartwatches listed in the article, and “best” is a power word.
  • Limit your blog post title be in 50-70 characters.
  • Add your Target keyword naturally in the first 100 words for better SEO opportunities.
  • Make use of LSI keywords to rank on more keywords.
  • Write down the article in a way that can be easy to read by your readers.
  • Brack down your article into multiple sections using headings. (H1, H2, H3, H4)
  • Always use small pieces of paragraphs for better reading.
  • Add relevant images in your blog post to make it more compelling.
  • Follow On-Page SEO strategies for better ranking.
  • Use a Short & clean URL(Permalink) for a blog post.
  • Don’t Add Numbers or years in URL.
  • Follow Yoest-SEO improvement suggestion to improve your blog post.
  • Write down the long in-depth article and add too much value for the reader.

Follow all these give tips to optimize your blog post. And after complete writing posts, hit the publish button to live it on the internet.

Woo! Congrats, your first blog post is live now.?

Next, you have to submit your blog and blog post to search engines for the index in google.

8. Submit your blog to search engines & analytics

Submit Your Blog To Search Engines & Analytics

Your blog post now published on your blog, but do you think anyone there to read it?

No, no one can come to your website by typing your URL in the browser except you because your blog is new. No audience following you and your blog. So, actually, how do you get traffic?

Alright, the straightforward answer is “Google.”

Every day millions of peoples search queries on google and a lot of potentials there to drive targeted interested traffic and convert them to sales, leads, and conversions.

You need to submit your blog on a google search engine, and it takes just a few hours to get your website on google.

So, without further delay, let’s submit your blog on google webmaster.

Submit Blog on Google Webmaster

Follow these simple steps to submit your new blog to google.

1. Visit this link to jump into the webmaster

2. Sign In with your Google Gmail account

Sign In with your Google Gmail account

3. Submit Blog URL and hit Continue

Submit Blog URL and hit Continue

4. Select the HTML tag Verification Method and Copy Code.

Select the HTML tag Verification Method and Copy Code

5. Go to Insert Headers and Footers WordPress Plugin Settings.

Go to Insert Headers and Footers WordPress Plugin Settings

6. Paste Verification code in the header section.

Paste Verification code in the header section

Hit the save button to save this.

7. Click on “VERIFY” for verification.

Click on "VERIFY" for verification

8. Inspect your Blog URL.

Inspect your Blog URL

Click on Request Indexing to index your blog.

Done, It takes some time to index your website on google.

After some time, you can check it using entering your site URL in google, and you can see there your blog showing or not.

Now, it’s time to add your website to analytics to see traffic insights and useful info.

Google provides a free analytics tool that helps you to find many meaning full details about your traffic driving.

It just takes a few steps to get started.

Add Blog to Google Analytics

Follow the given steps to add a blog to analytics.

1. Visit Here to land on Google Analytics.

2. Sign In using a Gmail account and create your analytics account.

Once you sign in using your Gmail account, you can see the option to “start measuring,” click it and enter some blog related information.

Enter any account name or use your blog name. Then select the web in the second step. And finally enter your blog name, URL, select category, and time zone.

3. Copy Analytics Verification code.

Copy Analytics Verification code

4. Paste verification code to Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

Paste verification code to Insert Headers and Footers plugin

Click on the “Save” button to save this code to the header.

Once it has done, then go to the analytics home page and check live visitors.

So, here all your blog and related tools setup done, and now, we are moving to see some excellent ways to monetize your blog.

9. Promote your blog on Social Media & other channels

Promote Your Blog On Social Media & Other Channels

After starting the blog and writing high-quality content on the blog, you need people who visit your blog and read your content.

You did lots of research in writing content and spend your quality time. Every blogger needs targeted traffic who love to read their content.

But, the question comes, how do I promote my blog, right?

Well, here is your answer.

The primary way to drive traffic is search engines. But it might take some time to get ranking. On the other side, if you’re looking for another medium, then its social media platform.

Social media is a very effective way to get your traffic in a short period.

You have to pick the right platform according to your audience. It heavily depends on your niche and topic of your blog.

How to Promote Blog using Social media

In the digital world, 45% of the world population daily active on social media platforms. More than 3.04 Billion people are daily using social media. Average of 135 minutes daily spend people on social media. Of course, it’s a signal of opportunity for your business, blog, or anything that you want to promote online.

That’s why big brands are also putting so many efforts on social media and market their brand product constantly on social media to capture more potential customers.

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, TikTok & Reddit have more potential to grow your traffic.

But you have to choose the right one where people are actively looking for content you made. If you start promoting on all these platforms, then sure, you will fail to get success because your focus divided into multiple channels. That’s why it’s a very crucial decision to find out the best one.

Each social media platform made for different types of people and has a different kind of content on that.

So, here’s the what type of content works on which platform.

  • Facebook: Videos and Links
  • Instagram: Visual(Photos & videos), quotes, and Stories
  • Twitter: Videos and links, News, GIF’S
  • LinkedIn: Leadership, Professional, research & career content
  • Pinterest: High-quality images and infographics

You can choose any social media network, which is the best fit for your blog and your audience.

Promote Using Quora & Medium Like authority sites

If you have the best piece of content that you think help others then you have to promote it anyway. As a beginner, every blogger’s are facing problem in promoting content but if you don’t give up at early stages then you might be king in your niche in the next few months or probably in years.

After social media, you have to focus on some authority sites where millions of users already there. It jumps up your traffic curve. Many bloggers are using these sites to provide value to users and get traffic to their blog, which are 100% targeted ones.

Quora: Quora is a question-answer platform where millions of people are asking question and experts in a particular niche provides the answer and get traffic to the website. I am also using quora you can find out me here.

Quora is a very high authority site the question asked on this platform are get ranked on google easily. That means very high- targeted traffic you’re able to drive from here. On Quora, you can find any types of question and answers, so there is a vast range of niche are there. If you’re in any niche go there and search for question-related to your niche and you’ll automatically get a notification when someone asked questions in your interest.

On quora, you’ll get all types of question in any niche so you can quickly answer those question and link your relevant article there and make your own audience.

Medium: Medium is another best platform to share your knowledge with an interested reader. Almost all bloggers are using this to drive traffic to their blog. Moreover, there’s a very high chance to rank your medium article on google if you wrote the best and in-depth content.

However, you can also promote the product on the medium directly. Still, I strongly suggest linking your blog article so visitor comes to your blog and read your quality content and you can convert them to the audience by using strong lead magnet strategy.

Start building your mailing List & send the email newsletter

Once you start applying all the above way then you can see your traffic growth. So, this is the time to convert this traffic to your audience. wondering how? one of the way “Email Marketing”.

An email list is not just your audience, but it also helps you to make lead, sales or conversion of your products. Email newsletter keeps engaging your audience and build more trust with the audience. Almost all new bloggers make this mistake and not start building a mail list. But you should start it today with a fantastic email marketing tool called “ConvertKit” (my Favorite).

ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing tools right now for bloggers, digital marketers, & entrepreneurs. If you want to start for free then you can try a tool like Mailchimp.

To capture email in WordPress blog, you can use the Thrive LeadsPlugin, which I already told you in the plugin section.

Now, let’s see some best ways to make money from your blog.

10. Monetize Blog & make money

Monetize Blog and Make Money

This is the best part for every new blogger to plan some ways to make money from a blog.

You have to research more on this part to prepare the right monetization ways. Here, I will give you the top ways to make money from your blog.

Initially, you have to check all ways manually which works best for your niche.

So, are you ready to make money blogging?

If yes, let’s dig out these monetization methods.

Advertising on your Blog

Running ads on your blog is one of the most used methods to monetize the blog. Many top bloggers and different industries are running ads on their blog. There are tons of option out there to get advertisement running on your blog. But here I will suggest you some the most genuine and top advertising platform.

Top Advertising Platforms

From this, Google Adsense is the most famous platform.

This all advertising platform works based on CPC(Cost per Click) or RPM(revenue per thousand impressions).

You can apply for the program, and once it is approved, you can start showing ads on the blog and making money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best monetization method that I’m using on my almost all blog to make big money. In this, you have to promote the relevant product in your niche on the blog, and someone buys it from your link you’ll get paid commission for it.

Almost all online product selling companies have their affiliate program in which they mention commission structure on per sale. So you have to simply apply for an affiliate program once it approved then you can start promoting products and make good money from it.

You can also start promoting amazon’s relevant product in your blog and get a commission on customer’s purchases. You can check out some of the most popular affiliate platforms, like ShareASale, Commission Junction, Amazon Associates.

Selling Courses & E-Books

If your blog starts getting the interested audience in your niche, you can begin creating E-Books & courses and promote it to your blog. But for that, you have to provide great value in a free blog post and once you successfully build trust then definitely they will buy it and you will get money.?

For example: if you have a food blog and you regularly post blog post in your niche and provides too much value through free content so whenever you suggest them to buy a paid cooking course, then some of them will buy it.

Offer Freelancing Services

You can also offer services in which you are expert. Selling services on the blog is a very effective way to earn money by promoting your service and get a client. For that you have to create some essential pages like about, contact & Hire Me. all these pages should have your expertise information loaded in it.

In every type of blog niches, there are different types of service you can offers, that totally depends on your niche and your expertise.

Sponsored Posts & Banners

Brands are actively looking for an opportunity to get their product or service promoted on as many blogs and websites. Once your blog starts growing in your niche, then companies directly contact you to your email and offering sponsorship opportunity. You can charge for sponsor post or banner as per your niche and product base.

First of all, don’t forget to create proper contact us page so the advertiser can easily contact you for sponsorship.

You can start with any monetization method as per your audience and niche. To find best out of this, you have to do more research on it and then you will good to go with one or two of these.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Related To How to Start a Blog

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Related To How To Start A Blog

If you are reading how to start a blog, then you are definitely newbies in the blogging arena. You have might some common question in your mind about blogging. So, here are some frequently asked questions and answers about starting a blog in 2022.

What is a blog?

A blog is a kind of website in which bloggers uploading blog posts or articles regularly and getting visitors on the blog to earn money from it with different types of methods.

Can I start a blog for free in 2022?

Yes, you can start a blog for free with blogger platform. But if you just wanted to do practice and test, then I do recommend the free blog. To start a blog as a business that is actually making money, then you have to go with a WordPress self-hosted blog. It doesn’t cost you more just you can start by getting hosting.

How to start a blog for free?

You can start a blog for absolutely free with several free blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr. These platforms are for those who want to test with demo blog. But if you’re going to make money and to start a blog professionally, then you can start your blog step by step here.

How much does it cost to start a blog in 2022?

The cost to start a blog depends upon the facilities you want with the blog. If you just usually start a blog, then it cost you around $35-$70 per year hosting. You will find the best web hosting for your blog.

How to Start a blog with WordPress?

To start a blog with WordPress is very easy, just a few clicks, and your blog live over the internet. To get the start step by step, you have to follow some standard procedure to start a blog. You can get these steps here.

Why should I start a blog?

Starting a blog is very beneficial because there are several reasons why people love blogging.
1. Follow your area of Interest and start writing on it.
2. Build your audience who love to read your content.
3. Become your own boss and live life like a boss.
4. Start making side money initially and take blogging as a full-time business in future.
5. Keep Explore and learn new things.

How to start a Profitable blog?

If you read this how to start a blog guide properly, then you will get step by step guide to make a blog profitable with some best monetization methods. You can start your profitable blog here.

Why Should I start a blog on WordPress?

WordPress is number 1 CMS (content management system) in the world using by 60 million people all around the globe. WordPress is totally free to use you don’t want to pay anything for it. just buy hosting and install WordPress that’s it.
WordPress Provides you full control on your blog. There are thousands of plugins and themes out there so you can install as per your requirement. Other reasons like SEO Friendly, Secure, Fully customizable, open-source, etc…

Should you need to learn WordPress to Start a Blog?

WordPress is a user-friendly CMS platform where you have all your blog control in your hand at just one simple dashboard. So, you do not require coding knowledge to start a blog with WordPress. With a few clicks, you can start it today. Start a WordPress blog now.

What to do after starting a blog?

After starting a blog, your real blogging journey began. Now it’s time to write some blog post, promote it, monetize a blog.
You have to do lots of researching and learning new things regularly and implement it on the blog.what to do after starting a blog?

Final Word: what’s next after starting a blog?

Firstly, Congratulations! You successfully learned how to start a blog and set it up correctly.

Now you have your own domain identity on the internet and access to your blog to share whatever you love to write.

If still you haven’t started your blog, click here to start a blog step by step.

Now, What Next?

Next, you have to keep learning new things in blogging to make your blog successful as soon as possible. You should create one schedule to manage time for blogging. Here your online journey starts, keep learning, implement on the blog and grow your blog. If you want to scale your blog to 6-figure income check it out one funnel away challenge.

I hope you enjoyed each line of this ultimate guide for how to start a blog.

If you found helpful, don’t forget to share it on every social media platform. I truly appreciate your efforts of sharing.

Feel free to drop a comment below for any problem and let me know when do you plan to start a blog?

Hi, I'm Sahil Shaikh Founder of Blogging Sky. I have been running an online business since 2015 and am using Blogging Sky to help you achieve money-making success online.

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